Wedding day manicures to suit you dress

wedding day nails

Your hands are really on show during your wedding day, so a manicure is a must – but what shade to paint your nails?

Your wedding theme or colour of your bridesmaid dresses may influence your nails but if you’re still stuck as to what manicure to get, why not match your nails to the style of your dress. These 12 wedding day manicures will give you some inspiration for your big day nails.

Classic wedding day nails

A classic dress deserves a classic manicure. Go for a pale pink, classic Hollywood red or of course, the French manicure. If you love to tap into a trend, the glazed donut nail is great for classic brides. Created by manicurist Zola Ganzorigt for Hailey Bieber’s Met Gala appearance, this shimmery glazed look is perfect for big day nails.



Romantic wedding day nails

Pink nails are the perfect accompaniment for a beautifully, romantic dress, but why not up the ante and choose shimmery or glittery shades? True romantics could even have a little heart added or the initials of their husband-to-be on their ring finger.


Boho wedding day nails

Boho brides need nails that match their creative vibe. Choosing embellishments like stars and moons are a super chic option. Alternatively, tap into mother nature and choose earthy polish shades or add cute little flower or leaf motifs to your final look.


Bright wedding day nails

Summer weddings in particular call for bright nails, especially if you have a multi-coloured theme. Ombre nails in pastel colours are pretty and romantic, whereas nails with a colourful pattern can incorporate all the shades of your wedding theme. If you want to go bright but not over-the-top, try a French manicure with bright tips. 



Glam wedding day nails

If your dress is full on glam or you’re having an evening wedding, you can afford to turn up the glamour with your nails. Metallic tips or gold foil nails are a contemporary take on the metallic nail. Alternatively, multi-coloured sequins on a bare nail bed look stylish and modern.





September 28, 2022 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook
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