Six tips on dressing for the big day

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We have been dressing timelessly chic brides in carefully curated minimalist creations for well over sixteen years now. We’ve met so many amazingly beautiful real women in that time, and they’ve all rocked our dresses on their special day, looking utterly awesome. We’ve got more useful tips to share on how to plan your bridal look. It really does not matter what size or shape you are, everyone deserves to feel amazing and incredible on their big day, and every other day.

The more at ease you feel with yourself, the more fun you’ll have to create lots of special memories to cherish forever. Read on…

1. Go For a Style That Makes You Feel Good

Feeling comfortable in your own skin is so attractive and alluring that I feel it is truly the cornerstone of great individual style. Notice how you’re standing and how much you’re smiling and feeling when you try on different dresses.

It’s a pretty good sign if you’re standing with good posture (not slouching) and smiling. Always try on lots of different shapes, including ones you don’t think you would like - you never know, the right one could be one you hadn’t thought of. And that way, you will also feel that you’ve really considered every single style.

2. To Find ‘The One’ You Need a Little Bit of ‘Emotional Logic’.

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I liken the process of finding ‘The One’ to finding the right partner to marry or finding the perfect home to buy – it’s got to feel right, it’s got to feel like you. ‘The One’ is the partner you feel like yourself with, or the house you’ve already mentally moved into and decorating.

The perfect dress for you is the one you’re naturally styling, you can see yourself getting ready for on the day and the one you can imagine having lots of fun in.

Like great perfect partners and the perfect houses to buy, they can also be growers too can’t they? From all your bridal appointments trying on dresses, you may find one dress keeps popping into your head more than the others. If any of this happens, you’ll know THAT’S THE DRESS! Trust your gut instinct, it won’t let you down.

3. Change Your Look For The Evening With Accessories, Lace-Over Dresses

Hair Sabina Motasem
Sabina Motasem wedding dresses

Photo credit: Headpiece by Victoria Fergusson, Earrings by Freya Rose, hair by Hair by Duboux

Sashes, beaded belts, lacey tops and different shoes can easily change a bridal look for the evening without changing the actual dress. A wedding day can be a long day, so having a slightly different look for the evening can make things feel interesting and it’s nice to maybe have a different look for different parts of the wedding. Having different accessories is a much cheaper and easier option than having two separate dresses.

If you adore lace, we have two new exciting laces in the new 2024 collection, Mystic Rose and Wild Rose, worn over their own under slips that come in a choice of colours; champagne gold, soft blush or ivory. Or try wearing the laces over the Elsa dress made from liquid gold satin.  You can simply take the lace off to create two completely different looks for day and evening.

4. Don’t Forgot Your Hair + Make-Up Can be Styled Differently For the Evening Too

hair Sabina Motasem

Photo credit: Earrings by Freya Rose, hair by Hair by Duboux

Real bride

Photo credit: Real bride Elinor wearing the Margot lace dress, accessories by @victoriafergussonaccessories for the gorgeous tiara, @malincolemanmakeup for natural gorgeous makeup and soft lovely hair, @lucycharlottefloral for the stunning flowers and stunning images by @noahwerthfilmphoto

Ask your hair stylist if they can recommend an ‘up do’ that can be easily transformed into a different style the evening. Why not go for a bun for the actual ceremony and release a hair pin to release tendrils, or have tousled curls.

We love to recommend Sally Duboux who is an expert with these kind of styles.

Always go for a hair trial where you get the opportunity to test out different ideas.

When it comes to make-up, a different colour lip for evening from a natural blush shade for the day can be an easy way to create a different beauty look too.

5. Stick to Natural Fabrics, Steer Clear of Any Synthetics

fabric silks
Real bride

Not only are synthetic fabrics so damaging to the environment and contribute to climate change, on a really hot day or in a crowded reception venue these fabrics will make you feel so hot and sweaty. Not a good look for a wedding day, and definitely not the most comfortable feeling you would want. At Sabina Motasem, we only specialise in natural silks and the best plant silk we could find too.

Natural silks drape the best and they feel best on your skin too. They also dye the best if you’d like to transform it into a new style after the wedding day. Read our blog we wrote recently on the best places in the UK you can go to dye your dress in the UK we found – How to naturally dye your dress

6. 'Size Up’ on a Bias-cut Silk Dress For a More Relaxed and Slinkier Fit

Sabina Motasem wedding dress

Sometimes, with a bias-cut silk dress it’s a really good idea to size-up, as it can sit and drape in a much more slinky way and feel comfortable and flattering. If you’re usually a size 12, consider trying a size 14 for a different fit and relaxed look.

Going a little looser in your style also means you can add a sash and style it in a thirties style vintage way by gently easing up the dress at the waist so the silk fabric drapes a little over the top of the sash. This creates a really slinky gorgeous look that is a little similar to the famous green dress that was worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement.

A Little Bit About our Sustainability

Our dresses are made with the finest quality, the best silks and an uncompromising approach to sustainability and aesthetics, leaving no stone unturned. All leftover silks are transformed into workwear tops and new-born baby clothes for marginalised women and refugees donated to local charities Smartworks, AFRIL (Lewisham) and Cornerstone Baby Bank (East London). We also donate old samples to ethical bridal boutique Brides Do Good who support charities that work hard to prevent child marriage and we’re proudly plastic free with no zips and made in London.







June 07, 2024 by Sabina Motasem

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