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Baby Bank Donations

We've got some more exciting news to share... we're working with a new charity Baby Bank Cornerstone in East London's Leytonstone. We're proud to add them to the two other charities we're still donating transformed offcuts into valuable items to – Smartworks Charity and AFRIL.

What Are We Making?

It seems items for new born babies, of up to 1 month is what is very much needed, so we're making baby rompers and dresses and moses blankets and donating them to Cornerstone on a monthly basis. The founder, Sabina Motasem is very much part of the community and is there on a weekly basis volunteering with sorting out the donations and folding them up ready for pregnant mamas in need.⁣

The fabrics, the silk crepe, the sandwashed silk lining and our vegan plant silk, are what's amongst the leftovers that are often thrown away when a dress gets cut and made in one of our ateliers. With bias cut dresses, there tends to be quite a lot of waste, since the pattern pieces are laid in a perfect 45 degree angle, there's often large bits of fabrics that get left behind. It seems like such a waste that these fabrics don't get used for something, what better use if they go on to help an assylym seeker, a refugee or someone who is is very much in need fo some help. We have a pretty great network of talented seamstresses who all make the baby clothes. 

Baby donations

Who are Cornerstone Baby Bank

Cornerstone Baby Bank was set up by a group of local parents in 2020 in response to the need they saw in their community. They now help over 100 families every year.

They recently won an award from Waltham Forest Council for our ‘outstanding work serving the residents of Waltham Forest’.

A baby bank is like a food bank but for baby essentials. Their aim is for the local community to donate new and lightly used baby goods and they can pass them on to local people who need them.

Cornerstone baby bank

How Can They Can Help You?

If you know anyone in need or if you would benefit from some baby items, please do contact them on babybank@thecornerstone.org.uk or call 07354 489865

Cornerstone baby bank

How You Can Help..

To keep stocked up with baby essentials, they do need financial donations, you can donate directly here (adding the reference ‘Baby Bank’).

In regards to other donations, they are in need of the following :

  • Nappies

  • Wipes

  • Moses Baskets and stands

They are also looking for volunteers to help with sorting, and drop offs. If you are interested in volunteering, or could donate, please email babybank@thecornerstone.org.uk or 07354 489865

 Cornerstone baby bank

For More Details About Cornerstone...

The Ecclesiastical Parish of Leyton St Catherine & St Paul
Registered Charity No: 1137601
149 Canterbury Road, Leyton, London, E10 6EH
+44 (0) 20 8558 2121

Cornerstone baby bank



November 21, 2023 by Sabina Ali

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