Wedding hair styling: beautiful ways with white flowers

Bridal hair: white flowers

Choosing how to dress your tresses is an important factor in your overall wedding look. Your hair styling and accessories are like the icing on the cake - but what’s a cake without icing, other than unfinished? 

Using flowers as a hair accessory is a beautiful choice. You can opt for a full floral crown or a simple sprig as an accent. Go for a vibrant colour to match a statement lipstick or a paler tone to complement the wedding colour palette.

For an enduringly chic look, it has to be white. White wedding flowers are a classic choice and this applies to floral hair accessories too. Whether you want something natural and boho or sophisticated and structured, white flowers will work wonderfully.

 Flower crown

Be queen for the day and adorn your head with an impressive floral crown. It’ll add some drama and ensure your look is totally showstopping. Opt for big, bold statement flowers or a combine mid-size blooms with greenery. The floral crown looks great with loose, long hair.

Simple sprig

At the opposite end of the scale, is the pared back bloom. Think of it as a corsage for your hair. Attached to a clip, comb or slide, it provides a finishing touch to your hairstyle. Or use single buds to trail down a plait or half up/ half down do for a gorgeous, romantic effect. 

Boho flowers

If you loved wearing daisy chains as a kid, go for a grown up version on your wedding day. It’s guaranteed to make you smile. Think whimsical, natural forms, rather than super structured adornments. Combine delicate white flowers with a green fern or eucalyptus for a simple yet effective style.

Flowers and sparkle

What could be prettier than the combination of beautiful blooms and a bit of sparkle? Crystal vines accompanied by delicate white flowers can be entwined with your updo or worn as a type of crown.

Showstopping headpiece

All eyes will be on you (as they should be on your wedding day) with an oversized floral hair accessory. Add the wow factor in an instant. There’s a great selection of fabric flowers on offer with some attached to a small veil for a modern take on traditional bridal headwear. 

Faux flowers or fresh flowers?

Today’s artificial flowers are high quality, look incredible and are often cheaper than the real thing. Faux flowers enable you to use the bloom that you really want even if they’re not available at that time of year. They make sense for a destination wedding as you can pack them (carefully) in your case. You know what you’re going to get when they’re ready-made. And if you have allergies, go faux every time.

But there’s nothing quite like beautiful, natural flowers. The scent. The touch. The delicate petals. If your wedding is rustic, whimsical and boho, then real flowers are a must.

8 white flowers to wear in your bridal hair

Rose - an evergreen romantic classic

Peony - a summer sensation which really stands out

Baby's breath - delicate white buds which are easy to entwine with your hair

Hydrangea - a pretty floral to make a statement

Daisy - a cute and charming flower for a natural style

Jasmine - a delicate flower which works well in a trail

Orchid - super stylish way to add a finishing touch

Dahlia - striking bloom in various shapes to suit your look.




October 20, 2023 by Pippa Jackson

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