Six simple style ideas for an autumn wedding

Autumn wedding: Tracey Coonan

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Move over summer, autumn is the perfect time to host a stylish, beautiful wedding. Fall for autumnal hues, natural styling and the fruits and flowers of the season.

Autumn generally feels more comfortable than the scorching temperatures and humid, sticky days of summer. Autumn days tend to be dry, and the light is a lot less harsh and bright than summer. Autumn's an altogether softer, gentler time to hold your wedding.

Our best piece of advice is to embrace the autumn weather rather than fight it. Don’t recreate a summer wedding in the fall. Make sure you tailor your big day to this beautiful season.

1. Make it mellow 

Autumn is known for being the “Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.” Mellow should be a key theme for your autumn wedding. Think soft, muted tones and textures. The soft, warm autumn light is wonderfully kind for photos, plus it won’t leave you squinting into the bright sun.

2. Take nature’s lead

Go for autumnal hues like shades of gold, red and orange. You can always add a bright accent colour such as sunny yellow, emerald green or peacock blue. Late summer and autumn flowers include antique roses, dahlias and foxgloves coupled with greenery like ferns or eucalyptus. Of course, a key player on the autumn stage is the pumpkin which makes an ideal seasonal decoration or colour scheme.

3. Love autumn layers

The autumn season sees layers of leaves, conkers and pine cones adorn the ground like a gorgeous rug over the regular flooring. Embrace this seasonal concept and tablescape with layers like runners or combinations of fabrics. This is the season to add a layer to your beautiful dress too, be that a faux fur cape, velvet shrug or even a leather jacket.

4. Incorporate natural textures

Autumn styling cries out for rustic touches. Make use of the season’s harvest and incorporate fruits like pears, apples and forest fruits as well as the pumpkin. Pine cones add textural interest to a tablescape or floral display. Mix in feathers for softness and a contrast of textures. Slices of stone or tree trunk make interesting, natural place settings. And hay bales or tree stumps make rustic, natural seating.

5. Add some sparkle

The light fades earlier in autumn, so you can have some fun with solutions that add ambience as well as light. Candles and lanterns add warmth to the space. Entwine twigs or trees with twinkling fairy lights. It’s a great time of year to have a big bonfire or fire pits outside, followed by a spectacular fireworks display as the darkness falls. That’s guaranteed to add a touch of magic (if permitted by the venue of course).

6. Savour seasonal foods

Warming, comfort food comes into its own in autumn. Embrace the seasonal offerings (and colour palette) with a rustic menu. Think pumpkin ravioli or soup. A hog roast or slow-cooked game works well if you’re going for that woodland feel. Berry desserts or even toffee apples add a pop of rich colour too. Don’t forget to think about scents as well. Mulled wine or spiced rum will add warming, fragrant aromas to complement the soft, mellow ambience.



September 29, 2023 by Pippa Jackson

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