Wedding flower ideas: Top tips from a florist

wedding flower ideas - top tips from a florist

Having the right flowers, can add a classy touch to a stylish wedding. Knowing where to start or what to choose however can be such a minefield. These tips, brought to you from an experienced wedding florist, will help ensure you have beautiful blooms on your big day!

1. Seasonal flowers

Alisa at London florist Untitled Flowers says it is always best to go with the seasons for quality and cost.

"Seasonal flowers and greenery is always best! Imported, out of season blooms are risky in price and quality," she says.

Spring wedding flowers include hyacinths, sweet pea, lily of the valley and freesia, as well as seasonal favourites like tulips, daffodils, and forget-me-nots.

Summer brides can choose from roses, dahlias, pretty peonies, sweet peas, lavender, larkspur, nigella, cosmos and fragrant jasmine.

Dahlias for summer and autumn bridal bouquets

For brides getting married in the autumn, flowers such as asters, carnations, dahlias, freesias, lilies, orchids, ranunculus and roses.

Winter brides can pick seasonal flowers for their bouquet that feature in your bouquet include poinsettias, camellias or amaryllis. It’s also a great season to include pretty berries such as holly or hypericum.

2. Think outside the box

"Bridal bouquets don’t always need to be a perfect sphere. Think outside the box, and let the bouquet reflect your style!" suggests Alisa.

alternative bridal bouquet

If you’re looking for some inspiration for something a little different when it comes to bouquets, here are some of the different styles available. 

Cascade: This is a literal waterfall of flowers. It hangs down in front of the hand, starting off rounded at the top and ending in a point at the bottom. A really dramatic style for an equally dramatic dress!

Crescent: This is a unique style that is shaped in a soft arch, a bit like a quarter moon shape. A simple but standout style that would work well for boho brides.

Single stem: If you’re having a minimal wedding, a large single stem flower can make a real impact without overwhelming your simple dress.

Pomander: Usually made for bridesmaids to carry, it can make a really nice alternative for a more traditional dress and wedding.

3. Don't forget the rest of the party

Alisa says it's always important to work out how the rest of the wedding party will fit in with your floral theme.

"Don’t forget wearable flower accessories such as boutonnieres for groomsmen, and corsages or flower crowns for bridesmaids and flower girls," she says.

floral headpiece for bridesmaids

Just as with your bridal bouquet, try and think outside of the box for your groom. Mixing flowers with bunny tails, dried grasses or berries create an interesting boutonniere for him and his groomsmen.

For bridesmaids, don't just stick to posies. Headbands, crowns, floral wreaths all make a nice change.

4. Buy in advance

If you're being brave and doing your own flowers for the big day, Alisa advises buying the flowers a few days before the wedding.

"For DIY brides, make sure to purchase your flowers 2-4 days in advance so that they have a chance to open in time for the big day!," she says.

DIY bridal bouquet

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October 06, 2022 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook

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Elina Brooks

Elina Brooks said:

It’s my wedding day this upcoming April, so I need to order flowers for the ceremony soon to ensure I get the seasonal ones ready on time. I’m grateful you told us that getting blooms out of season can be risky in both the price and quality, which is why for spring weddings, we should go for hyacinths, sweet peas, lily of the valley, and freesia, along with other seasonal favorites. I’ll keep your recommendation in mind while I look for a florist to hire for our wedding floral arrangements soon.

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