Eco-wedding ideas: a suit made from 45 plastic bottles?

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

Gresham Blake, the go to menswear brand we recommend to ou brides' grooms looking for a cool retro suit that rocks, have just launched a range of suits made from 45 plastic bottles!

We are becoming more eco-conscious than ever before, and weddings are not exempt. If more brands offered more ethical options to consumers, it think it be so much easier to effect positive change to our planet and the environment.  

As a design company, Gresham Blake understands that we all have a part to play in protecting the environment and the people in it. Better working conditions, sustainable materials, and processes that leave little impact on the Earth are issues that we care about. The GB 45 Collection is made out of recycled plastic bottles. Each suit is made out of 45 plastic bottles.

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dressSabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress
Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dressSabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

The Suits are also ‘Affordable’. Retailing at £295, we think very competitively priced. The collection so far is made up two cloths, a Navy Pinpoint and a Grey Pinpoint, both available in Single or Double Breasted Options, for Men and Women. In addition, women have the option for a skirt or trouser suit.

The fabric has a luxurious soft handle, and is hard wearing – perfect for wearing on a daily basis.

Another bonus, is that these suits are machine washable at 40 degrees. So this reduces the need for damaging chemicals used in dry cleaning processes, which also may be damaging to the environment and to yourselves.

Bottle sourcing

The bottles are sourced using various socially compliant sources such as: Identified collection agencies, Reverse Vending Machines and collection drives at events

Bottles to plastic flake

The bottles are cleaned, washed and crushed to create plastic flake

Flakes to fibre

The flakes are melted down and extruded to make fibre

Fibre to suit

The fibre is then processed into fabric.

Our ethical credentials?

  • We are proudly made in London
  • Everything is made to order so we don't sit on stock
  • We never recycle as much of our fabric waist as possible
  • Any remaining sample dresses we have from our sales we donate them to local charity shop
  • Many of our dresses are designed to be worn after the big day and can be easily transformed into dresses brides will want to wear again
  • We will be shortly launching a secondary fashion line with vegan and eco options, including weddding dreses at an affordable price and other covetable style pieces.  
August 30, 2019 by Sabina Ali
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