Ten Things To Consider When Buying Bridal Shapewear

Bridal shapewear is designed to give you the best shape possible on your big day. It helps smooth out any bulges in your tummy, hips, and thighs, giving you the confidence to walk down that aisle knowing no-one can see your undies!

When I got married 16 years ago, the range of shapewear available wasn’t good. It was heavy and even though it did the job, it looked like something my mum might wear - I couldn't wait to get out of it! Thankfully things have improved and there is a much wider - and more comfortable - choice available for brides these days.

Over the years of working with many real brides here at Sabina Motasem, we’ve also come across many great tips and tricks to ensure your bridal shapewear makes you look good – without stopping you from breathing.

Here's our list of top shapewear tips

1. Keep it simple

Shapewear isn’t pretty. There’s no getting around it. You will not look super sexy when you undress on your wedding night, but you will look amazing on the big day. Added details like pretty bows and lace undo all the good that bridal shapewear is doing. They will show through thin, silky fabric and also might be visible to your gathered guests. 

2. Look at the size tag

Some brides think choosing shapewear in a smaller size will make them look thinner, but this is a big no-no. Not only will it cause unsightly bulges (that excess fat has to go somewhere), but it will also be really uncomfortable. Instead choose your size – or even a size bigger, there’s no place for vanity here. If you want a greater slimming effect, go for a stronger control such as this firm control body suit, £25, from M&S. 

Firm control bridal shapewear for under your Sabina Motasem dress

3. Match you skin tone

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to shapewear is matching your undies to the dress colour. Instead, you want to match your skintone. That way your lingerie literally becomes invisible.

4. Test it out

Don’t wait until the big day to try on your underwear and your dress. In fact, the sooner you can get the bridal shapewear the better, as you can wear it to dress fittings. That way you can see if it is invisible and that there are no little bows or straps peeking out where they shouldn’t be. It’s also a chance for you to wear it and get used to how it feels, so that on the big day you're happy, comfortable and able to bust a move on the dance floor!

5. Do you need a bra?

Some dresses have built-in bras and if you like that idea, you can even ask your  seamstress to sew one in. For thinner, slinkier fabric, a bra might be too bulky so you’ll be better of with a stick-on bra that lifts and covers those all important nipples! One to try is Love Nood (from £69), who use sustainable hemp to create amazing stick on bras that really do go the distance.

Stick on bra for underneath Sabina Motasem wedding dress

6. Go seamless

If you want to ensure no lines show under your dress, you can obviously go commando but if you don’t want a breeze down there, choose a seamless pair of knickers. The ultimate undetectable pant has to be the Spanx Undectable thong, £24, but if you prefer a little more coverage, the same range also includes briefs.

7. Keep it fresh

There’s no doubt about it that the heavy nature of shapewear can sometimes leave brides sweating at the aisle! It’s obviously not a good look, so if you’re prone to perspiration or are getting married in a warm climate, choose shapewear that absorbs moisture away from your body. Bamboo is a great fabric to choose as it not only keeps skin fresh and dry, but it's also sustainable - we like these shapewear knickers, £14.95, by Bella Bodies. 

Bamboo shapewear

8. Work out the loo situation

What’s the loo situation we hear you say? Well, you need to be able to get out of your shapewear easily so you can go to the toilet without needing the assistance of all your bridesmaids! If you’re choosing an-all-in-one body suit, make sure they have poppers for quick release to prevent any accidents. We like this one by Skims, which comes. in a variety of skin tone colours, as well as having poppers at the crotch.

9. Think about the style of you dress

Different styles of dresses, need different styles of bridal shapewear.

Backless: If you've chosen a backless wedding dress, then you'll need to choose an all-in-one with a super low back to provide support without a bra. This low back bodysuit, £44.99, from Magic Body Fashion is the perfect choice.

Plunging: If you've gone for a deep V-neck wedding dress, you don't want to ruin the line with a visible bra. If a stick on bra isn't for you, try an all-in-one-body, like this one from Spanx, £132, which has a plunging bra and a low back.

Mermaid dress: As much as this wedding dress style looks so very glamorous, it can emphasise the tummy area. Make sure it's all sucked in with a firm control pant like these high waisted knickers, £36, from Skims.

Slip dress: Silky slip dresses can show up every lump and bump so go for a full on body - and choose one that has no straps to avoid detection under the thin slip straps. Try this sculpting shaper, £62, from Leonisa. 

 Shapewear for Sabina Motasem slip dresses

10. And finally - buy some sexy lingerie for later!

This isn’t lingerie for seduction, so why not invest in a gorgeous set to change into at the end of the day?

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June 22, 2022 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook
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