Always include a guest book

On your big day, you may be so consumed by everything that is happening around you, you may forget every single person who attended. Having a guest book where your friends and family can write a personalized note to you and your new husband is a must. 30 years from now, you want to be able to remember the excitement on everyone's faces at your wedding. Pictures capture a moment in time but videos capture more. So we have an idea...

Instead of having just a guest book, place a video camera next to it! This fun idea will have your guests going around videoing those special moments. Make sure your video camera has enough storage to last the night for every moment to be documented. You never know what crazy moments may be captured from your guests, but that is the fun of it! Anything from disposable cameras, GoPro's, a photo booth, or Polaroid Camera's to capture the moment. 

Polaroid Guest Book

Photo from The Utter Blog

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April 07, 2019 by McKenzie Cizik
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