2019 top wedding hairstyle trends

Every bride wants to look their best on their wedding day with the most up to date trends that leaves their guests wishing they knew as much about beauty as the bride does. We will do a sequence of blogs covering the top beauty trends in 2019 for brides!

The perfect hairstyle to work with your vail, or even just a simple hair pin, can be difficult to find. You want to look sophisticated yet elegant but at the same time fun and flirty. A hairstyle that fits this combo is the low updo with a few twists. The longer your hair is, the more choices you have. 

Low updoLow updoLow updo

The low updo is the perfect hairstyle for clipping in a dainty hair pin. This also makes it easy to attach your veil to the top of the bun. The bun helps the veil have an elegant flow over your hair and drape down your back. Attaching the veil to the underside of the bun, created an elegant straight look of the veil. Such as these:

Low hair updo

Wedding updo with veil

Wedding hair updo with veil

If this look isn't for you, here are a few other ideas that might have the potential to work with your hair. 

The low ponytail: 

Low ponytail

The high ponytail:


Photograph 1, 2, 3: Tania Maras

Photograph 4: Beauty Haircut

Photography 5: Wedding Wire

Photography 6: Wedding Wishes

Photography 7: Brides

Photograph 8: The Right Hairstyles


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