Wedding Dress Necklines: Choosing the right one for your big day

wedding dress necklines - how to find the one that suits you - a bride in a v-neck wedding dress looks down to the side while carrying a beautiful bouquet

Yes, there’s a lot that goes into finding that dream wedding dress. As well as the overall style, shade and fit, there’s also the wedding dress neckline to think about. Would a low V-neck suit you best? Or perhaps a contemporary asymmetric neckline is more your thing?

When it comes to choosing the right wedding dress neckline there are lots of things to consider. How will you be wearing your hair? What accessories do you want to wear? When are you getting married? What will suit your body type best?

While all of these are important, the number one thing to consider is how the neckline feels on you and whether you like it. With that in mind, here are a few you can choose with:


 Bride wearing a one shoulder wedding dress by Sabina Motasem illustrating the best wedding dress necklines for your shape

Posy, from £1,250

The one-shoulder or asymmetric wedding dress neckline is a striking style that’s perfect for making a bold fashion statement. This style of neckline is making a return to the fashion catwalks in 2023, so if you’re a bride who likes to be ahead of trends, this is the one for you.

While contemporary, the asymmetrical line running across your shoulders brings an old Hollywood glamour vibe. It looks beautiful on brides with fuller figures or those with wider shoulders as it helps break up the shoulder area, making them look narrower. However, if you have narrow or sloping shoulders, this may not be the best choice.


Strapless wedding dress necklines are a timeless option. The top of the dress is held up with an invisible internal corset that fits snugly against the body to keep the dress from slipping down, while also bringing enough tension to create a beautiful silhouette. It accentuates the décolletage and collarbones while providing a little more coverage and security.

A strapless neckline provides a lot of versatility for accessorizing, but it’s not for everyone. Brides with larger busts may find this style uncomfortable or difficult to keep in place.

V Neck

A bride wears a V neck wedding dress neckline, her head tilted to one side while carrying a bouquet of white flowers

Lilian, from £2,100

A classic V-neck, as chosen by Kate Middleton, is super flattering for pretty much every figure, although a deep V is generally better for those brides with a larger bust as it will add balance and also give you the perfect cleavage. This style will also allow you to wear a bra, ensuring you feel comfortable on your big day. Smaller busts can still wear this style, but with a less dramatic V neck.

V necklines are also flattering because they elongate the torso and draw attention to the face, so are great if you’re on the petite side or want to draw attention away from the tummy area.  This simple neckline also works well with a dramatic low back.

A classic wedding dress neckline like this also provides a great backdrop for accessories, whether that be a simple necklace or something more statement.


The sweetheart neckline, with its shape resembling the top of a heart, is a classic choice that is flattering for many body types. This neckline can be used on any gown silhouette - from simple to dramatic - and gives a romantic look to the dress. This style accentuates the décolletage and gives a long, lean appearance.

With a pretty style like this, you’ll want to show it off so this neckline particularly suits those brides who want an up-do on their big day.

High neckline

a bride wearing a high neck wedding dress neckline

Violette, from £2,475

A high neckline that sits across the collarbone is an elegant look, showing off a glimpse of skin, while also still offering some cover, making it perfect for more traditional or religious ceremonies. Whether this neckline comes with or without sleeves, it has a classic feel, perfect for those brides who want a traditional touch to their big day.

While this wedding dress neckline does mean you can wear a bra, it’s probably one to avoid if you’ve got a big bust as it can look slightly frumpy. However smaller busts and those brides with wide shoulders can really benefit from this sytlish look.

Cowl Neck

A model wears a Sabina Motasem wedding dress with a cowl neck wedding dress neckline

Empress Josephine, from £1,200

Those brides who want a romantic look should go for this neckline. The draped fabric creates a feminine silhouette, while also increasing the chest area, which is great for smaller busts.

Choose a cowl neckline that goes no further down than the bust and it also works at drawing attention away from the lower half of your body so is a good choice if you want to minimise the stomach or bottom area. This is also a great neckline for narrow shoulders as it helps create more volume.

Square Neck

Thanks to the popularity of Bridgerton, the square neck wedding dress neckline is having a renaissance. If you want to elongate your neck, this is a great style, creating an overall elegant look and feel.

A wider square neck will help narrow down broader top halves, while a lower cut neckline is great if you want to show off your bust more, without being too obvious.

Boat neckline

A model wearing a Sabina Motasem wedding dress with a boat neck wedding dress neckline

Peony, from £1,250

This neckline was first made famous by Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina and is perfect for those brides who want to inject a touch of retro glamour into their wedding dress. 

It’s the perfect solution if you want to cover up the chest area without looking too frumpy. The glimpse of the collarbone injects a touch of sexiness without being over the top. It’s also a good choice for those with wide hips as it balances out the figure. 




March 07, 2023 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook

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