How to style a chapel length veil with your wedding dress

Choosing a chapel length veil for your wedding day

You’ve found the perfect wedding dress, but now you’re wondering what kind of veil would complement it. A chapel veil is a popular choice for many brides - and for good reason.

Consider adding an ethereal touch of elegance to your bridal ensemble with a chapel length veil. Whether your dress is long or short, fitted or flowy, there are countless ways to style this timeless accessory.

What is a chapel length veil?

A chapel length veil – also known as a church veil - is a traditional full-length wedding veil that extends past the train. With a length of around 250 cm from the comb to the end of the tulle, a chapel veil is perfectly positioned between a floor length and a cathedral length veil.

 what is a chapel length veil

Although this style of veil will still add drama to your big day look, it's easier to wear than a longer length veil.

As the name implies, they were originally worn for church weddings, but the style and length make them appropriate for any formal or semi-formal affair.

Choose the right veil length for your dress

The chapel length veil is a popular veil length since it flatters almost every wedding dress shape and length. When selecting a chapel length veil, you should ensure that this length matches the style of your dress. As a general guide, choose a veil that is slightly longer than hem or train of your wedding dress.

 A chapel veil needs to be roughly the same length as your wedding dress

Even though shorter dresses often work with shorter veil lengths, such as fingertip veil lengths or birdcage veil style, this style can still work. Ultimately, it's about the look you want.

A chapel length veil, for example, would work best if it sat just above or below any horizontal lines, so if you have a defined waistline, this is a great choice. This will allow the silhouette to continue without cutting you in half visually.

Our best advice for you? Try different lengths of veils with your dress to see which suits you best.

Consider your hairstyle selecting the chapel veil

You should also consider your hairstyle as well as any headpiece you are wearing when selecting a veil for your wedding gown. For example, if you plan to wear a tiara or hair comb during the ceremony, make sure your veil is attached securely so that it doesn't fall off.

Your hairstyle will make a difference to how you wear your chapel length veil

Think about how your hair will be styled on your wedding day as well as this will affect where the veil sits and how long you’ll need it. For example, you’ll need a shorter veil if you’re tucking it into low bun than you would if you want to wear the veil at the top of your head.

Chances are once the ceremony has taken place and the photos have been taken, you’ll want to remove the veil, so either make sure you practice this so it doesn’t ruin your hairstyle or you have a hairdresser on hand to ensure your hair still looks fabulous once it’s removed.

Match your veil to your wedding dress style

The most suitable veil should complement your wedding dress, not overpower it. If your gown is heavily embellished with lace or beads, consider a simpler veil made of tulle or organza. While a veil with intricate detail or a pattern can add drama to understated and simple dresses such as our Elsa dress.

A chapel length veil goes with pretty much all dress styles, including our slinky wedding dresses

We believe the understated beauty of our dresses is enhanced however when they are paired with a simple veil made of tulle or organza, which will effectively make a statement without being overwhelming.

Remember, there's no right or wrong way to style your wedding day look, so choose what feels most beautiful and special to you!







March 14, 2023 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook

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