Make your wedding Insta-worthy with these UK wedding venues

Instagrammable wedding venues

Wedding venues not only need to look great for your own personal images, but also for that all important grid image. But where do you start to look for this social media friendly venue?

The people at Aura Print have come to the rescue with their study of the most Insta-worthy venues across the country.

Analysing over 200 venues around the UK, they searched Instagram to discover which venue was being talked about most, narrowing it down to the 10 most desirable wedding venue locations in the UK. 

So, if you’ve still not found that dream venue, perhaps one of these will make the perfect photo backdrop.

1. Hatfield House, Hertfordshire

 Instagrammable wedding venues - Hatfield House

(Photo: @hhhospitality)

With almost 35,000 mentions on Instagram, the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I comes out on top of the most Insta-perfect wedding venues.

With over 400 years of history, not only does the venue have gorgeous gardens that make the perfect backdrop, but you can book the wedding ceremony in various locations including The Old Palace. Full of history, this particular location is famous as the place where Queen Elizabeth I held her first council of state, and comes complete with medieval brickwork and beautiful wall hangings.

Discover more about Hatfield House 


2. Hedsor House, Buckinghamshire

Instagrammable wedding venues - Hedsor House


A dramatic backdrop for an extremely memorable wedding, this is a venue that comes with a touch of Hollywood glamour – it’s been used in various films and TV shows, including The Golden Compass, Downton Abbey and 24.

Voted by both Vogue and Tatler magazine as a dream wedding venue, this Georgian manor house was built in 1166 and sits on over 100 acres filled with beautiful gardens. One of the special features of this Instagrammable wedding venue is that marriage ceremonies and blessings can also be held in the beautiful 12th century St. Nicholas’ Church, just 300m from the house. Perfect for a luxurious and exclusive wedding.

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3. Cripps Barn, Gloucestershire

Instagrammable wedding venues - Cripps Barn

(Photo: Cripps Barn)

In third place is Cripps Barn, with 23,356 mentions on Instagram. For those brides looking for a more rustic venue, this 18th century renovated barn is perfect. Set in the picturesque Cotswolds, the exposed beams and original brickwork sell itself to an Insta-worthy venue. If you fancy an outdoor wedding, they have an oak ceremony canopy in the glade next to the barn, which is licensed for civil ceremonies.

Despite the natural setting, the barn features state-of-the-art sound systems and has a late-night license until 1am, ensuring your guests will have an amazing wedding reception.

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4. Ashridge House, Hertfordshire Instagrammable wedding venues - Ashridge House

(Photo: @ashridgehouse)

This beautiful estate is one of the oldest on the Insta-worthy list, with 700 years of rich history coating its walls. Previously home to Henry VIII and Elizabeth I, it’s features secret passageways and lush gardens, which are all sure to make your guests gasp.

There are 9 spectacular spaces available for ceremonies and receptions, each with its own distinct personality from the palatial marble fireplaces and opulent gold leaf adorned ceilings of the Lady Marian Alford Room to the stunning architecture eof James Wyatt in the Chapel.

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 5. Elmore Court, Gloucestershire

Instagrammable wedding venue - Elmore Court

(Photo: @elmorecourt)      

Coming in fifth as the most Instagrammable wedding venue is Elmore Court in Gloucestershire.

Available to hire on an exclusive use basis, Elmore Court includes an historic stately home and its grounds, a soundproof party venue, amazing food and fine wine, which all sounds amazing to us!

This stately home was built around 1580 and ceremonies can take place inside or out, while receptions are held in the Gillyflower, a special venue built sustainably from Estate materials using traditional methods. The contemporary design sits nicely next to the more historic stately home, providing a really unique wedding venue.

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March 01, 2023 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook

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Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen said:

What a delightful read! Sabina Motasem, you have curated a fantastic list of UK wedding venues that scream Instagram-worthy moments. The picturesque settings and unique atmospheres showcased in the blog truly make each venue a dream wedding location. I appreciate the attention to detail and diverse options for couples seeking that perfect backdrop for their special day. Sabina’s recommendations will undoubtedly inspire couples to create lasting memories in these enchanting venues. Can’t wait to explore these options for my own wedding planning!

Daniel Allen

Daniel Allen said:

This article is a treasure trove of inspiration for planning an Insta-worthy wedding in the UK! The showcased venues are a perfect blend of elegance and charm, offering picturesque settings for a dream celebration. The detailed insights and stunning visuals have me envisioning a fairy-tale wedding. From historic manors to scenic gardens, each venue promises a unique backdrop for capturing those unforgettable moments. This guide is a must-read for couples seeking not just a venue, but an enchanting experience that translates effortlessly into captivating Insta memories

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