Top 5 Fabulous and Sustainable Eco-Friendly Honeymoons For 2023

Top 5 Fabulous and Sustainable Eco-Friendly Honeymoons For 2023 - Sabina Motasem

With the world becoming more conscious of their environmental impact, couples now have an exciting opportunity to explore eco-friendly honeymoon destinations that not only treat them to a luxury break but also work hard to protect and preserve the planet.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some great honeymoon destinations that are sustainable and luxury. Step this way for a honeymoon of a lifetime...

A luxury eco-retreat in Cambodia

One of the top eco-friendly hotels for honeymoons in Cambodia

If you want an eco-honeymoon to remember, try the stunning Temptation resort in Cambodia. Nestled in the untouched landscape of a botanical park, just a stone’s throw away from Angkor Wat, it's a hotel with a clear eco mission.

Solar panels cover the roofs, eco gardens produce fresh vegetables for the restaurant and there’s fresh water throughout the hotel, ensuring no need for plastic bottles.

This honeymoon destination isn’t just about being sustainable but also about giving back to the community. MAADS, who built this resort, also run a successful hotel school, another school to teach woodworking, plus there's also a special not-for-profit library that houses information about Angkorian history so that the young Khymer generation can learn more about their cultural heritage.


A romantic staycation in the Cotswolds

eco-friendly honeymoons in the UK - whatley manor

For a truly sustainable break, you need to reduce those air miles, so a staycation in the UK is a great choice. Whatley Manor Hotel & Spa in Malmesbury might look like some classic English stately home, but behind the 18th century exterior is a totally modern, eco-friendly hotel.

Whatley was awarded the Silver accreditation by Earthcheck in October 2022, the world’s leading science-based environmental certification and benchmarking program for the travel industry. They also have a Green Michelin Star, which are awarded to those restaurants who are best in class when it comes to sustainability.

The hotel has committed to being carbon neutral and uses only renewable energy, while all food waste is cleverly converted to methane, which provides ten per cent of the hotel’s energy. They even have their own on-site recycling centre.

And if you want a sustainable wedding, they’ll even organise that, helping you choose options for your big day that will reduce, rather than add to, your carbon footprint. 

An architectural delight in Denmark

eco friendly honeymoon destinations in Denmark

If you want a honeymoon destination that is uber stylish and sustainable, look no further than Green Solution House on Bornholm Island in Denmark.

Created by the architecture practice 3XN and eco-minded studio GXN, this modern hotel not only looks amazing but comes with all the eco-friendly credentials. Situated in a forest that is only a short walk away from a gorgeous sandy beach, the hotel contains a new 24-room wing that absorbs more carbon than it emits. The kitchen waste is converted into biogas, while water from showers is cleaned and reused for toilets. Their whole ethos is all about regenerative thinking so the materials used throughout the hotel can be disassembled, recycled or are biodegradable.

Biodiversity is also important to the hotel, who serve only locally produced food, including honey made by their own bees!

A secluded sustainable beach resort in Mexico

eco-friendly honeymoon in Mexico

If you’ve always dreamt of a honeymoon that involves secluded white beaches and ocean-front rooms, Palmaia: The House of AiA, is a must visit.

Situated on Mexico’s postcard-perfect Riviera Maya, this beach retreat was created without disturbing the natural landscape, maintaining the dense mangroves that protect the palma chît, an endangered tree from extinction. They also have a goal to become carbon-netural by 2030, by using 50% less energy than average resorts and having a zero plastic bottle policy.

Every suite was designed without the use of animal products, and that filters down to the delicious plant-based menu offered at their four restaurants and food truck!

Luxury doesn’t get sacrificed for sustainability though, and the adult-only suites are like something from a movie, especially the ones with swim-out access to one of four infinity pools.

An Island Escape to the Maldives

eco friendly honeymoon destinations in the Maldvices

Set off on a romantic and sustainable adventure to the Maldives with The Barefoot Eco Hotel. For couples looking for an unforgettable honeymoon with sustainability at its core, this is the hotel for you.

Certified as a GSTC sustainable hotel in 2021, this romantic destination has upped its green credentials by only using ecologically grown wood and installing a system that recovers the heat generated by air conditioners to heat the water of the rooms. They also opened a purified water bottling plant in 2015 to help eliminate the use of plastic bottles and thereby the negative effects that plastic pollution has on the oceans.

As well as ensuring the local community are chosen to work in the hotel and local produce is used within it, they also have specific environmental education programs in collaboration with the local school. Their eco-credentials also extend to the ocean with their monitoring scheme for local turtles and manta rays, helping to improve the worldwide conservation of these gorgeous creatures.

Can I carbon offset my air travel?

The easiest way to do this is by offsetting directly with your airline when you book the flight. You pay an extra fee on top of the flight cost, which is then donated to a carbon offset scheme. The only downside is that not all airlines have this option.

There are third party companies that also offer this service, but they're not always reputable. 

Alternatively you can work out what your carbon offset would be (by using a calculator like this one) and make a donation to your favourite environmental charity instead. 

The best option however is to ditch the plane and go by train or boat instead!



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