Ethically Minded? Here's Our 6 Favourite UK brands Perfect For A Wedding Guest Dress

sustainable wedding guest dresses uk

Shopping for a stylish, ethical wedding guest dress? We've got your back! These 6 UK brands are perfect for finding high-quality dresses that support social good and environmental sustainability.

Ethical and sustainable fashion is at the core of our brand here at Sabina Motasem, and while we can provide the sustainable wedding dresses, you'll have to look further afield to find that perfect sustainable UK wedding guest dress. But never fear, here are 6 of our favourite brands offering high-quality ethical wedding guest dresses that do right by people and planet.

1. Nobody's Child 

sustainable wedding guest dresses - Nobody's Child

Nobody’s Child is a London-based fashion label established in 2015, who are on mission to revolutionise women’s fashion by making clothes that are made responsibly, while still being affordable. Their ethical policies cover people, the planet and product. Beyond the use of some wool, they don’t use an animal fibres in their collection and use more sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and LENZING™ ECOVERO™. In 2022, over 90% of their collection was made from responsible fabrics and they aim to make that 100% moving forward.

It's not just the fabrics they use either. They ensure safe and fairly paid work for everyone who works for them and ensure that all their partners throughout the supply chain are treated fairly. They also signed up to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community.

All this and they create gorgeous, vintage-inspired dresses, including collaborations with names like Fearne Cotton. Perfect for weddings, they come in a variety of pretty colours and floral fabrics to ensure you are the best dressed wedding guest.

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2. Dai

 sustainable wedding guest dresses uk - Dai London

London-based fashion brand Dai is all about empowering women through the clothes they wear. Founder Joanna Dai combines her experience of growing up in California, with the New York spirit and London’s classic tailoring to create a timeless look.

Dai has a 360-approach to sustainability: 88% of their textiles are eco-certified (tested to be chemically safe on your skin), while they offset 100% of carbon emissions. Their Eco-Luxe Essentials collection is made from trees from certified sustainably managed forests. 

The best thing about their dresses is the simple and elegant lines that means they can be worn in a myriad of ways, ensuring you get lots of wear by just swapping up accessories and shoes, which is not only great for the planet but also if you have a summer of weddings!

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3. Armed Angels

 sustainable wedding guest dresses uk - Armed Angels

Founded in 2007, Armed Angels is fast becoming one of the UK’s leading ethical fashion brands. Known for their stylish designs, colours and shapes, they are committed to sustainable production methods, creating collections that are climate-neutral and use GOTS certified organic cotton.

With a focus on transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, you can feel confident the materials used to make these dresses have been ethically sourced.

While their dresses err on the side of casual, they have some gorgeous floral and pastel-hued frocks that would be perfect for a less formal wedding day. 

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4. Mother of Pearl 

 sustainable wedding guest dresses uk - mother of pearl

Mother of Pearl launched their first fully sustainable line, No Frills, back in 2018. Born out of a duty to create a collection with a transparent supply chain, their pieces are made from organic and natural materials and have a socially responsible ethos. Never compromising on design or quality, 100% of the materials used are responsible. 

While the majority of the collections are made up of TENCEL™ Lyocell & organic cotton, Mother of Pearl do use wool, but refuse to use wool products were the animals have suffered. 

Their dresses are not only elegant, with quirky details like oversized pearl embellishment, but comfortable to wear. An essential when you're wearing them all day long!

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5. Beulah

sustainable wedding guest dresses uk - Beulah

Beulah founders Natasha Rufus Isaacs and Lavinia Brennan set up their luxury label to support women affected by human trafficking and the sex trade. After the two volunteered at an aftercare home in Delhi, they decided to set up a fashion-based project to create simple, easy-to-wear dresses with a classic feel. With demand growing, they joined forces with Freeset, an organisation in Kolkata to teach women skills needed to earn wages. The Beulah Trust reinvests 10% of all accessory sales and proceeds from special events back into charity projects. 

They also focus on using natural fibres that biodegrade more quickly than man-made materials and when washed pollute our waters far less than synthetic fabrics. Their designs are modern and timeless and even come with the royal stamp of approval as Kate Middleton has been seen out and about in their dresses. Whether you for pretty prints or bold shades, there's a dress to suit every wedding on their website.

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6. Omnes

sustainable wedding guest dresses uk - Omnes

Omnes was created to show that show that fashion can be good quality, affordable AND sustainable. They use high-quality accessible products such as recycled polyester, organic or BCI cotton or LENZING™ ECOVERO™. They also use digital printing as it uses less water and energy.

All the fabric mills they work with have signed up up as part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the factories that make their apparel as signed their partnership policy which outlines their high standards under the categories of people, planet & the greater good. Finally, they minimise the fastenings on their products as this can hinder the biodegradability of a product.

The also think of sustainability at the design process, ensuing that they produce items that can be worn in a multitude of ways and that transcend trends and seasons so that people keep hold of it for longer.

Their bright slip dresses make the best sustainable bridesmaid dresses or wedding guest dresses – for chillier days, just throw a smart blazer over the top.

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