Sustainable jewellery brands: Stylish choices for eco-conscious brides

Sustainable wedding jewellery

For brides who care about the planet, sustainable jewellery is a great choice for your big day. This is jewellery that has no negative impact on either the people who make it or the environment.

It's never been easier to source sustainable jewellery either. From vintage, pre-loved pieces to those that have been made using recycled gold or silver, there's plenty of options for brides who want to ensure their jewellery is responsibly made.

What is sustainable jewellery?

Sustainable jewellery is one way to ensure your wedding day is eco-friendly. To qualify as sustainable, it could be made: 

  • Using lab-produced diamonds
  • Using recycled materials and jewellery such as gold and gemstones
  • Using fair-trade materials and conflict-free diamonds
  • Not using unfair labour to produce the jewellery
  • Not using practices to produce the jewellery that pollute the environment

Thankfully, more jewellers are now going down the sustainable route, meaning you can choose your wedding day jewellery with peace of mind. Here are some of our top sustainable jewellery picks.

Sustainable wedding jewellery - Ethic Diamonds

Ethica Diamonds

As they state on their website, Ethica Diamonds are ‘kind, not mined’ and all their beautiful diamond pieces use conflict-free, lab-grown gemstones. If you’re looking for a stunning sustainable engagement ring, that loses none of its wow factor, these Cornish jewellers are the place to go. Their Annalisa ring (from £1,420.00) is stunning, using a diamond grown with renewable energy for extra green points!


Sustainable wedding day jewellery - V by Laura Vann 

V by Laura Vann 

Perfect if your wedding has an art deco feel to it, Laura Vann creates stylish, vintage-style jewellery using only recycled silver. Her art deco necklaces, such as the very sparkly Bianca pendant, make a beautiful finishing touch to any wedding dress, with the added bonus, that they are timeless and can be worn forever.


Sustainable wedding day jewellery - Jacqueline & Edward

Jacqueline & Edward

This family-run business creates the most unusual ethical wedding rings, made from recycled metals and alluvial river gold, which is a kind of gold dust found in riverbeds across the UK. Co-founder Mark first started gold panning with his late father Edward, so if you choose their handmade gold diamond ring (from £1,225), you know you’re getting something that’s not only sustainable but also pretty unique! 


Sustainable wedding jewellery - Bruna pearl necklace


Using 100% recycled gold and silver, Bruna produces beautifully handcrafted jewellery made in small-scale, family-owned, and ethically run factories in Italy and Thailand by local artisans. Their gorgeous pearl offering is perfect for weddings. Using only  organic pearls, the champagne necklace is a modern take on the more traditional.


Sustainable wedding jewellery - Natalie Perry

Natalie Perry

Each piece of jewellery designed by Natalie Perry is handcrafted in the UK by artisans using only sustainable materials, such as Fairtrade Gold, recycled gold and silver and ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones. Her gorgeous Floral Fragments collection, which won Professional Jewellery’s Ethical collection of the year in 2017 is inspired by ancient Indian temples. It’s perfect for brides looking for delicate jewels - the stand-out diamond flower ear jackets (from £800) are the perfect way to dress up your ears on your wedding day.


Sustainable wedding jewellery - D London huggie earrings

D Louise

D Louise is an ethical, sustainable and affordable jewellery brand whose mission is to deliver high quality, long lasting stylish pieces. They also offer a lifetime warranty, and have chosen long-lasting, durable materials so you can wear them for longer, ridding the need to buy new jewellery. Their cute textured huggie earrings (£45) are great if you don’t want something subtle for your big day. What’s more, they’re waterproof, so when it comes to your honeymoon you can wear them 24/7 without the fear of ruining them.


Sustainable wedding jewellery - Bar Jewellery initial necklace

Bar Jewellery

Championing responsible consumption and production, Bar Jewellery produces pieces that are timeless and a reaction against fast fashion. They also ensure that all people involved in the production are treated fairly. Their initial necklaces (from £84) are designed by writing each letter using molten wax that is then cast in solid silver. They make the perfect eco-friendly gift for bridesmaids.

Sustainable wedding jewellery - PI London vintage necklace
PI London

Possibly the ultimate in sustainability, PI London curates and sells pre-loved, vintage items of jewellery – one of the best solutions to being more eco-friendly as sustainable jewellery is all about extending the life of existing pieces. The range of birthstone necklaces, from £180, are a great choice for your big day. As well as selling a wide variety of different styles, founder Isobel Procter can also help source engagement or wedding rings for your big day.





July 07, 2022 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook

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