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Sheep Inc. sustainable wool knitwearWe can’t believe December begins next week. The holidays have crept up on us this year! By now, you’ve probably started making lists and searching for gifts for the season, which can get very overwhelming very quickly. That's why today on the blog, we’re highlighting Sheep Inc. as the ultimate one-stop shop for incredibly sustainable and standout gifts this year.

Sheep Inc. is the world’s first carbon-negative fashion brand (yes, you read that right!) that offers seriously soft, seriously sheep-friendly, and seriously sustainable knit products. Their raw materials are carbon-negative, and their manufacturing is 100% powered by solar energy. They are the first people in the world whose process naturally saves and stores more carbon than it creates! They even show transparency on their website, including their product life cycle analysis.

Each of Sheep Inc.’s products come with its very own trackable sheep. You’ll get updates when they’re roaming or grazing, getting a haircut, and even having little lambs of their own. We haven’t even gotten to the best part yet— Sheep Inc.’s wool comes with a lifetime guarantee. This means that if your knitwear should ever need to be mended or needs maintenance, you can send it back to Sheep Inc. and they'll restore your item to the best of their abilities-- for life.

For more details on how Sheep Inc. operates as a carbon-negative fashion company, please click here for an inspiring and interesting read.

Keep reading for our spotlight on our favourite knit items from Sheep Inc. Coming in both men's and women's styles that are cosy and carbon-negative, these are perfect for any of your family, friends, and co-workers this winter season.


Men's Sheep Inc. Men's Crewneck- £160

Sheep Inc. Men's Wool Crewneck Sweater

Women's Sheep Inc. Men's Crewneck- £160

Sheep Inc. Women's Crewneck

With over a dozen different colourways, this men's and women's crewneck is a perfect gift for anyone in your life in need of a cosy but easy-to-wear knit. This style is designed for a relaxed fit, but you can size up or down for whatever look you're going for. Made from 100% sustainable Merino wool, this sweater is super soft and will keep anyone both warm and cool, perfect for fluctuating temperatures this winter. This style also comes Crewneck Light in both men's and women's styles if you're looking for a lighter weight wool.

For specifics on the garment's details and sustainability and sizing for the men's crewneck, click here.

For details on the women's crewneck, click here.


Men's Sheep Inc. Hoodie - £140

Sheep Inc. Men's Hoodie

Women's Sheep Inc. Hoodie - £140

Sheep Inc. Women's Hoodie

In a lighter Merino wool knit which features a generous hood, these hoodies are such a versatile but welcomed gift. For both men and women, Sheep Inc.'s naturally thermal hoodies are designed for a regular fit that hits around the hips. These come in pops of colour or neutrals, allowing for either a subtle or statement choice.

For more colours and details on the men's hoodie, click here.

For information, colours, sizing, and technical details regarding the women's hoodie, click here.


Men's Sheep Inc. Cardigan - £180

Sheep Inc. Men's Cardigan

Women's Sheep Inc. Cardigan - £180

Sheep Inc. Women's Cardigan

Available in an array of wearable, classic colours, this cardigan is so soft and versatile, the rest of your wardrobe won’t know how to react. Made from 100%  Merino wool sourced from regenerative New Zealand farms, it is naturally thermal and is seamlessly knitted using solar-powered, zero-waste machines. Just like every garment, it also includes a removable NFC tag to trace the garment’s origins and its sheep.

For more on the cardigan's details, sustainability, and sizing for the men's cardigan, click here.

For details and more colourways on the women's crewneck, click here.


Men's Sheep Inc. Beanie - £50

Sheep Inc. Men's Beanie

Women's Sheep Inc. Beanie - £50

Sheep Inc. Women's Beanie

Sheep Inc. offers knitwear in accessories, too! This seamless, ultra-soft beanie with a single fold makes for an amazing gift this holiday season. Made from ultra-fine, temperature-regulating Merino wool, this beanie is perfect for the wintertime in any climate.

For more information on the men's beanie, click here.

For more details and colours regarding the women's beanie, click here.


Men's Sheep Inc. Scarf - £85

Sheep Inc. Men's Sweater

Women's Sheep Inc. Scarf- £85

Sheep Inc. Women's Scarf

These 100% Merino wool scarfs are sure to be one of the warmest, sofest, and cosiest gifts you could give someone this year! Measuring 195cm x 25cm / 76in x 9in, these scarves are perfect for wrapping, layering, and bundling under and on top of outfits. These are designed with a bit of a colour blocking which makes each scarf unique but versatile pieces to style.

For more colours, details, and specifics on the men's scarf, click here.

For more information on the women's scarf, click here.

Sheep Inc.

We hope you enjoyed our brand highlight on Sheep Inc. this week! We're sure you'll fall in love their carbon-negative knitwear. For more of their products including different knit tops, wraps and other fine-knit wool items, check out Sheep Inc.’s website.

And if you're interested in how we're being sustainable here at Sabina Motasem, check out our Green Collection below!




November 27, 2021 by Emily Rees

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