Top five Make-up Lessons from a pro

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress

Heading up the K-Team, Kristina has been painting faces for a number of years. In particular, Kristina has become a bit of a dab-hand when it comes to bridal know hows- so much so that her Make-up Masterclasses have become ridiculously popular. Kristina's classes not only focus on theory and technique but she also discusses the impact of Instagram and how MUAs can make the most of their SLR skills to best capture makeup on film. So, they're pretty comprehensive.

I've been lucky to know Kristina for a while now - she did the make-up looks for our much loved SIREN film, along with her counterpart, Kasia Fortuna - hair stylist extraordinaire. Despite working on a few projects together and sharing a couple of drinks in between - I felt that there was more I could learn from her bridal make-up prowess. In my educational mission, Kristina kindly invited me to join for not one, but TWO make-up masterclasses. Irregardless of my serious case of Chandler-camera-face, I swiftly accepted to offer my gormless self as model for the day.  This was going to be good I thought. And it was.

Here are the key things I've learnt from my time with Kristina:

  1. Don't be afraid of Colour  

    The brief for look one, was a bronzey eye and nude lip. Once unveiling her mammoth eye shadow collection (which I can't deny made me giggle with joy inside) she artfully selected not 1, 2 or 3 shades, but at least least 5 hues of brown, gold and bronze. To add warmth Kristina layered over a base shadow, a warm medium brown from the cult favourite Viseart pallette and blurred it on my lower lashline to smoke it up. She then added a bit of glitz from the delicious Dolce Vita eye shadow pallette. And just when I thought Kristina was done, she swiped an inspired flick of Bronzed Garnet, again from Charlotte Tilbury, along my upper lashline, which I would have never of thought of doing. The line contrasted beautifully and played a good backdrop for the individual lashes.

    The main lesson here is not to cower from colour. Feel free to play around as a good combo will add dimension and interest to your eyes which will both pop on screen and in real life.

  2. Save vs Splurge

    $$$ doesn't always mean better. There are a great deal of high street brands which offer some pretty amazing results at a fraction of the cost. Some are in fact more reliable. It never ceases to amaze me when I meet MUAs how much they too love finding a bargain. My time with Kristina was no different. My first aha moment was when Kristina lined by lids with a gel liner from Maybelline. This sparked a big conversion amongst the make up artists at the workshop. It was a no brainier, this cheap and cheerful liner was up there with the likes of it's expensive peers. 

    The mascara used was also from a cheaper brand called Pupa Milano - a bit of a left field choice, but must say the mascara separated my lashes perfectly and did not smudge. 

    I guess the trick here is not to get sucked in to spending loads of money on your make-up look. It's better to do your research first and try products out. You'll find that certain products don't need to cost you top dollar. 

  3. Blend Blend Blend

    This is a short one - Invest in decent tools and take your time!  Cult Beauty have a great selection of high performance brushes at different price points.

  4. Think outside the BOX

    Another short one. Think outside of the box when using your products. Cheek products can add warmth when blended just below the brow bone, stretching to the temples. Lip products can add a beautiful flush to the cheeks also. You're painting - so break the rules. Kristina opted for her blush of dreams Laura Mercier blusher in Bellini to add a pop of colour to my cheeks and eyes. This colour would suit anyone!

  5. Fuller Pouts 

    A quick tip for a fuller pout - choose a lipliner one shade darker than your lip colour for a subtle effect and overline your lips. Blend it out with a nude colour - preferably with a bit of a satin glossy finish to it. Kristina used Sari Rose from Chantecaille which I instantly feel in love with. A lip is an easy thing to update for nighttime as well - take a creamy red and sweep ti straight from the bullet. and then blot it off to give a lovely rosy red stain.  

The finished results:

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress



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May 24, 2017 by Jamila Ali
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Smita said:

I have always been very passionate about makeup. I was wondering about doing a makeup course, so I did Lina’s makeup lesson. I am so glad to choose her as my makeup artist. She is outstanding and very talented. Moreover, she is very helpful and friendly. She helped me a lot to improve my skills.

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