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Celebrities wearing headbands

The headband has made a comeback in the past couple of years and it is still a key accessory trend for any season. I remember wearing them on a daily basis to school in the 90’s. I would have a collection of different colours, prints and patterns. I must say I was slightly obsessed with them and couldn’t leave the house without wearing one. It added a bit more interest to my boring school uniform and showed my love for hair accessories especially when your hair was tied back in a ponytail or a plait.

It is a timeless accessory and has always been around, with iconic celebrities past and present donning a headband. It has made an appearance in catwalk shows by designers such as Givenchy, Dolce & Gabbana and Prada who have featured them in their shows adding a statement to the overall styling.  

Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana Headbands 


Prada Headbands


Givenchy Headbands

There are a range of headbands available such as embellished, padded, lace and printed in different widths to suit a variety of looks and outfits. The headband can instantly transform your hair especially if you don’t have the time to style it, you can simply slip it on to keep your hair looking stylish and chic.

It’s a perfect addition to an outfit for the day or evening, a special occasion or even for your wedding day making it an interesting alternative to the classic tiara.

Lets take a look at a selection of headbands to adorn your hair with……


Imogen Headband

Imogen headband by Evelyn & Rose

 A jewel embellished headband on a neutral base by Evelyn & Rose.

Beige Embellished Headband - Evelyn & Rose Statement Headbands (


Gabriella Headband

Black velvet headband by Evelyn & Rose

A Luxe black velvet pearl embellished headband by Evelyn & Rose.

black velvet pearl headband coated with gold coloured emebellishments. ( 



 Evelyn & Rose - charlotte headband

An ivory headband with a pearl embellishment by Evelyn & Rose.

 Pearl Embellished Headband Perfect For The Bride - Evelyn & Rose (


Ivy Embellished Lace headband 

Oliver & Bonas - Lace embellished headband

A black & gold vintage lace design headband by Oliver & Bonas.

Ivy Embellished Lace Headband | Oliver Bonas


Kitto Lace & Knot Detail Pink Headband

Oliver & Bonas - pink lace headband

A beautiful pink lace headband in a knotted style by Oliver & Bonas.

Kitto Lace & Knot Detail Pink Headband | Oliver Bonas


Flower Embellished Headband - Cream

Orelia - flower embellished headband

A flower embellished headband on a cream silky base by Orelia London.

Flower Embellished Headband - Cream (


Pearl Stone Hairband by Orelia London

Orelia - Pearl Stone hairband

A pearl stone hairband with faux pearls and crystal gems by Orelia London.

Pearl Stone Hairband (


Organza Ruffled Headband

 Liberty - Organza ruffled headband

A sheer organza ruffle headband by Valet at Liberty london.

Organza Ruffled Headband | Liberty (


Piqinita Jewelled and Pearl HB with Elastic

Fenwick - Jewelled hairband

An embellished headband with a mix of pearls and crystals in purple, lilac and clear on a black base by Piqinita at Fenwick.

Piqinita Jewelled and Pearl HB with Elastic | Head Bands & Turbans | Fenwick





February 27, 2021 by Aneela Gulshan

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