Wedding dress dilemmas: What’s the best underwear for a backless wedding dress?

best backless underwear for a wedding dress

The backless wedding dress is a glamorous bridal trend that’s going nowhere any time soon – and that’s something we’re really pleased about. Many of our bias-cut wedding dresses are backless, giving them a sexy, but stylish edge, and while they look fabulous, it can be difficult finding the right underwear.

We took a little opinion poll and discovered that, while grooming must-haves were all rated as important, the real secret to looking chic and feeling confident is what we wear under the dress. With that in mind, we’ve put together the best underwear for a backless wedding dress.

Our favourite backless underwear – ever!

best backless underwear for a wedding dress - Ender Legard

Ender Legard produces, in our eyes, the best underwear for a backless wedding dress. Their claim that their garments work better than anything else, better than strapless or stick-on bras, better than the inflexibility of corsetry sewn into your dress, is borne out by their customers’ rave reviews and is testament to the years of work they have invested in creating their backless bodysuits. What’s more, like us, sustainability is important to them, producing seamless garments that conform to Sustainable Textile Production standards.

Such craftmanship doesn’t come cheap but we love their bodysuits that are backless, completely seamless and give your boobs the support they need. The straps are also interchangeable, so you can swap out the supplied fabric straps for clear silicone straps or spaghetti straps.

SHOP: The Mae Bodysuit by Ender Legard, £259


The best backless underwear budget option

best backless bra for a wedding dress

You may have blown your budget on the wedding dress, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the right underwear. The best underwear for a backless wedding dress for those watching the pennies is this multi-way bra from Marks & Spencer.

The straps can be adjusted for strapless, halter-neck and, of course, backless dresses. It also goes up to a 38D cup and has been rated as “very comfortable” by various reviewers on the site. While it may not be the prettiest underwear, it is practical, and you’ll probably find yourself reaching for it time and time again after your big day.

SHOP: M&S Multiway Bra, £22.50


The best backless underwear for black or brown skinned ladies

best backless underwear for darker skins

As we always recommend, it’s better to wear underwear that matches your skin tone rather than the colour of your dress. While many backless underwear options come in beige nude shades, there’s not always a lot of choice for darker skins. Thankfully, Skims has plenty of low back options in various shades that suit all skin types. Their Sheer Sculpt bodysuit has a low back and also has light compression to ensure there are no lumps and bumps shown under your dress.

SHOP: Skims Sheer Sculpt Bodysuit, £66


The best backless underwear for bigger boobs

best backless underwear for larger busts

Backless options such as stick-on bras are not always great if you’ve got larger boobs. Choose a bustier or body that will give you more support. This one from The Bridal Lingerie Shop has a lovely low back and goes up to an E cup, ensuring everything stays in place throughout the day!

SHOP: Low Back Bustier in Satin, £64.99


September 15, 2022 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook
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