Your Wedding Beauty Countdown:

We all want to look like a goddess (everyday) on our wedding day. That being said looking positively glowy can benefit from a head start. Planning ahead can help you avoid last minute stresses but knowing what to do and when can be a bit of a headache.

We've consulted with our beauty expert friends to help us outline what you can do now in order to look hip hopping fresh on the day:

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12-8 months before

Pop those vitamins:

Keep your body nourished with all its essentials for glowy skin, glossy hair and strong nails. Vitamins take about 5 months for you to really notice the difference - so get on them early to be prepped for the big day.

Routine in Check: 

Like with vitamins, it can take a bit of time for you to see the full effects of your new $$ La Mer face serum or Eve Lom heck you may even find out that your new expensive cream does nothing for you. It's best to get a head start on this to see what does and doesn't work for your skin. Remember to keep your routine in order: cleansing morning and evening, regular exfoliation and moisturising evening and night. Remember to not sleep in your makeup too - and no, drunken behaviour isn't a good enough excuse!

If possible, see a dermatologist too. This will help map out your specific facial and treatment routine to tackle target areas.

Fighting fit:

At the Sabina Motasem HQ, we like our fair share of cakes and burgers with a side serving of mac'n'cheese. I mean, if it's good enough for Gigi and Kendall, then it's good enough for us! For this reason, we can't think of anything worse than a crash diet before a wedding. How stressful?! Best to ease this out with time to spare, working on a decent nutrition and exercise plan now to avoid exhaustion on the day.

Get Pinning:

Set up your Pinterest boards to fine-tune your desired look for the day. Find your dream makeup artist and book in trials closer to the wedding - and make good bang for your buck for the trial by picking a day where you can make the most of your made-up fabulous face - i.e. your hen-do or engagement party.

Colour me Pretty:

If you're thinking of getting your hair coloured - now is the time. If you don't like it, then you'll have time to either grow it out or re-dye it. 

4-2 months before

Pearly Whites:

If you're planning on getting your teeth whitened, best to try it now ahead of time for 2 reasons: most whitening treatments require more than one session, and you don't want sensitive teeth on the big day - to keep the pearly whites going, invest in at home whitening kits after the last session.

Gilded & Bronzed:

If you're getting a spray tan - try it months before. If you like it, book another 2 days before the wedding.

Pump it Louder:

Crank the fitness routine to 11 in order to get the most of your previous months hard work.

Shape the Brows:

Waxed, tweezed or threaded? Whichever you choose, best to get your brows on fleek months ahead, that way if you're unhappy with them, you'll have plenty of time to grow them out. 

3 weeks ahead

Luscious Locks:

Time to get the final haircut and colour touch ups.

Final Deep Cleanse:

Book yourself in for your final deep pore cleansing facial weeks before the wedding. This will allow enough time for your skin to clear and extraction swelling to go down.

2 weeks ahead

Soft as silk:

If you aren't already, build in regular body exfoliating into your body care routine. 3 times a week will get your skin smooth for the day.

1 week before

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!:

Have a gentle hydrating/calming facial at the beginning of the week to plump up your skin. Also, remember - H2O is your best friend.


Get a full body wax around 5-3 days before so any redness will have time to go down.

Soak it up:

Make like Korean beauty glamazon though amping up your at home hydrating/clearing/brightening masks days before to get your skin prepped. Consider sheet masks and sleeping creams a good way to pack a punch.


Gel all the way! Who wants chipped nails?! Plus a perfect opportunity to start on the bubbly!

1 day before


Drink loads of water to avoid dehydrated skin.


To ward off nervousness and keep you zen!

Catch the Zzzzzz:

Sleep sleep sleep!

The Big Day 

Well done, you've made it! We bet you're looking fabulous. 

So here's a last to do from us at Sabina Motasem.... Stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself the below:


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