Your Endless Color Choices

Choosing your wedding color scheme is no easy task. With over 10 million colors to choose from, how could you possibly choose just a few? Your wedding color scheme is one of the most important choices to make for your wedding. So, how do brides make it look so easy? Don’t worry, we have it all figured out for you.

The colors you choose should represent you, as a bride, as a person, and most importantly, your colors set the atmosphere of the wedding.

Think of it like this:

You have just bought a new house and are picking the colors for your rooms. What type of atmosphere and energy will the room possess?

Blue is a common color to paint a bedroom; it is calm and tranquil like the ocean. Blue is a symbol that represents trust and stability, which is why blue is a common color for brides. The darker the blue the more intense the room becomes.


Red represents love and strength, which every bride possesses in their own way. Red is an emotionally intense color that creates a bold statement. It shows that you are not afraid to express your strengths and you want others to feel this empowerment with you.

Red Color Scheme

Yellow is a color that can bring an excess amount of emotions to one’s thoughts. It can represent enlightenment, clarity and an overall happiness. Picking just the right color yellow can be difficult. You don’t want your guest to be taken aback by the brightness of the yellow but you also want the yellow to make a statement so your guests feel the energy the color brings to a room.

Yellow Color Scheme

Pink, in all different hugs, is a common color that brides choose. This is an easy color to play around with. With so many different types of pinks, it seems there is an endless amount. Pink can mean feminine, sweet, and of course, love. The lighter the pink the more tender and calmness the color expresses.  

Pink Color Scheme

You also must think of what your wedding style is like. Rustic, contemporary, elegant, tasteful, bright, and so forth. The theme of your wedding ties into the colors. The color is what adds the “pop” to your venue and catches your guests eye. Try working with a color palette to see which colors work best. Take it slow, don’t rush the process, and trust your instincts!

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June 24, 2018 by McKenzie Cizik
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