5 Wedding Morning DO's

Sabina Motasem Wedding Morning Do's

As it's wedding season, here are our top 5 Wedding morning DOs, coming straight from real brides who've already walked down the aisle. Consider us spreading the wisdom...


Make time to eat a good healthy meal. To avoid bloating choose something protein packed as it will keep you feeling fuller for longer. Think eggs, chicken and fish.

Try a breakfast with banana during the morning of the big day as the potassium helps combat potential higher sodium levels from the night before i.e. your path to less bloating.

Also – try to avoid higher fibre foods like broccoli and it can take a while to digest.


HYDRATE. HYDRATE. HYDRATE. Make sure to drink plenty of water in the morning to keep you wide eyed, bushy tailed and glowing. Add some peppermint to ease your tummy & nerves or cucumber to soothe.


Put a fun playlist on and dance around with your family. Get in the mood for a party as, well, it’s your big day!


OK so this is a bit of a cheat – as you could do this the night before. But still, it’s very important.

Organise who will be doing what on the day. Make sure you have someone to clear up the bridal quarters ahead of the photographer’s arrival; someone to help you get dressed; someone on make-up duty; and someone to deal with bridal vendors.

And finally … BREATHE


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August 08, 2017 by Jamila Ali
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