We’ve found some of the best craft kits to plan a gorgeous DIY wedding

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Due to the current pandemic I’ve had a lot of time on my hands as like most other people, it has been challenging to think of ways to keep myself occupied and to de stress.

I have always had a creative streak and decided to look into craft kits which I can do in the comfort of my home and have the opportunity to try a hand in something new.

I’m always looking to learn a new skill or adopt a hobby in a creative, fun and challenging way!

Even though a lot of the lockdown restrictions have been lifted it is still great to incorporate craft kits into a weekly routine, for a bit of me time and to keep the creative streak going!

Whilst searching these are some of the exciting craft kits that I came across…

1. Beginners Modern Calligraphy Kit

    Wild Sea Calligraphy

    calligraphy wedding craft kit

    I remember doing classes in Calligraphy at school and found it to be a relaxing and therapeutic activity to take part in. It’s a great skill to learn especially if you are creating your own wedding invites, thank you cards or simply writing the guest names in elegant calligraphy.


    2. Personalised Birth Flower Month Embroidery Kit

      Studio Hop

      embroidery for wedding

      Embroidery is another craft to really get your teeth stuck into, its great as you can be sat in front of the TV embroidering away! There are a lot of embroidery kits on the market but what I love about this particular one is that its personalised with your own custom message and with a flower that represents your birth month.


      3. Bespoke Jewellery Making Kit


        jewellery craft kit

        Another great find where you can make your own bespoke piece of silver Jewellery in your own time. The kit comes in a well-presented box where you have everything to design and create your unique piece of jewellery. Once you have created your piece you can send it back for casting and have something which you have designed from scratch.


        4. Paper Cutting Kit

        Fairy Made PaperArt

        paper cutting set

        Paper cutting can be a great relaxing hobby to take interest in, the kits come with everything you need to start your paper cutting journey. It’s a fantastic idea for creating greeting cards, invites, postcards or just simply a lovely art piece. This kit is a great introduction to this type of craft.






        September 23, 2020 by Sabina Ali
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