Virtual hair planning tips by Sally Duboux

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

Lockdown has proved tricky for those that have weddings and hair trials in the diary. Here's Sally from Hair by Duboux with her best advice on planning your hair looks virtually.

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

With weddings being moved to the later months of 2020 and others rescheduling for 2021 and beyond, this doesn’t mean your hair plans have to be put on hold.

First up I’m as devastated as you are to hear weddings has been postponed, it is truly gutting.  For those of you that have recently got engaged CONGRATULATIONS. So as to include both sides of the coin, let us start with the planning.

Get yourself an account on Pinterest (in the unlikely event you don’t already have one)

You have the option to keep your mood board of inspirational pictures private from prying eyes but the ability to send the link to your hairstylist. Any hairstyle thats sparks joy to your eyes and warms your soul, save it! Even if it is just an element of the style. As a hairstylist I find this gives me a clear vision of your dreams. What you love is equally as important, as who you are as an individual and how you wear your hair day-to-day, socially and at the weekends, etc.  

I love to see the wedding as a whole. This includes the dress, your colour palette as well as the venue and flowers. It is slightly in-depth but you want a style that reflects you after all and all these details help me fine tune the journey, making it as smooth as possible.

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

The trial is where we bring your vision to life. 

This can be where we trial a selection of hairstyles, particularly if you are unsure or a bit indecisive on which style is ‘the one’.  I recommend if you have your veil or hair accessories prior to your trial, bring these along with you as they can really add the finishing touch in sealing the deal on a hairstyle as well as bringing confidence and security in your planning.  If you don’t have them to hand or you are unsure we can discuss the options and what would enhance your overall style.

Now with the uncertainty that Covid-19 has brought with it, some trials have been carried out in a digital sense.

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

Trust your stylist

As much as you are hiring a hairstylist to perfect your dream style, ability being a key ingredient, you want to have trust in your stylist and know that whatever hairstyle you opt for, you have the knowledge that you are in safe hands and will look breathtaking no matter what.  

Zoom is great for getting a vibe as it gives us a chance to meet and communicate. The styling aspect will be very different. I have been styling hair for fifteen years, eight of which have been spent styling many brides, bridesmaids and mums. Communication and patience are vital in this new process to create a dreamy bridal hairstyle you’ll enjoy reminiscing.

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

Option One

I can demonstrate on Ingrid - she has mid length to long blonde naturally straight hair so take this into account if you are a brunette or a redhead or have naturally curly hair.  Ingrid is a mannequin dolly head to which I can replicate what your hairstyle would look like. We will discuss the technique used to get the desired results and we can discuss your haircare routine and how to enhance it.  The added bonus is you are able to see the hairstyle in a 360 perspective. 

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

Option Two

Get a date in the diary for another virtual trial via zoom, WhatsApp or FaceTime. We can discuss more natural, simplistic, understated hairstyles that you feel comfortable styling on yourself for the purpose of a digital trial.  Consider it a lesson of sorts, again we can address your haircare routine in the preparation of your wedding.  Products to help assist with styling, techniques to adopt in adding texture to your style.  We can work together, step-by-step as I guide you in styling your own hair.

Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress

    Love is not cancelled and neither is your wedding. Let’s work together in creating a beautiful timeless hairstyle for your wedding day, near or far.

    Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress
    Sabina Motasem minimalist wedding dress



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