We're in the final throes of finishing and delivering the last pre-cut and made up scrubs before we close the Islington Scrubhub thanks to an amazing NHS scrub Army. The last 10 scrubs will be leaving us this week.


I can't believe it's been 10 weeks since we've been doing this. We raised over £5k and we've donated scrubs to Homerton Hospital, Whittingdon Hospital, St Mary's, Lister, Chichester Hospital, Newham Hospital, Royal Free, Newham Hospital, Princess Royal, Coventry Walsgrave Hospital, a care home in North West London and lots of medical health centres.

As demand gradually reduced over the last few weeks for scrubs in London we found that scrubhubs outside of London still had demand, and in some places demand was continuing to outstrip supply. So we decided to donate some of our scrubs to Gavin Jones at the Hampshire Scrubhub.

Taking on this project was a big undertaking, it hasn't been easy to manage all the logistics flying in left right and centre all by myself. I'm normally part of a team, but with us all remotely working I had to break through my fears and do it anyway. Its certainly very very different bulk making hundreds of scrubs compared to diligently making one couture high-end gown. Some of the processes are the same. Ten weeks on, its a pretty awesome feeling to be able to pivot the business to such a worthwhile cause. I think this experience has completely changed me, I'm looking at ways I can do more. 


Really proud of what we managed to achieve.

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I'd love to thank the following amazing volunteers

@kat_dalton @ruthmongey @lissibeth @kodaiclothing @amybeesting @bikeshedmc @samplestudiolondon @rayharrislondon #FayPresto @jodressmaker @gracewarland @sosister @greenerandcleaneruk  



For help with collecting and delivering...

Jon Elliot, Ingrid Plowman and Claire Espiner.

We also helped bulk cut surgical ICU PPE gowns for Benveniste Couture and Deborah Lyons_official for Imperial Hospital through for Dr Deborah Braham who started the Visor Army.

The companies I would love to thank to help us achieve our goal (800 scrubs) and smash it... are

Sample Studio Unlimited
Such Textiles
Bike Shed Couriers
Man and Van Couriers
Fay Presto
Ray Harris
Brittania Labels
Woven Labels
Unlimited Fashion
William Gee
Digital Grading Service


June 22, 2020 by Sabina Ali
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