Spring Wedding Color Palettes

There’s no denying that picking the colours for your wedding can be a tough decision. As spring rolls around, here are some of our favourite colour combos for the season -- featuring lovely pale pinks, powder blues, and stunning yellows! Read on for more inspiration -- by Sarah

Pale pink + powder blue

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress

(Cake: Lucy Munoz Photography // Shoes: Kay English Photography // Dresses: Michelle Lange Photography // Flower Centerpiece: We Heart Photography // Table: Anne Herbert Photography)

Pale yellow + green

Sabina Motasem minimal wedding dress

(Dresses: Dana Cubbage Photography // Car: Juliet McKee Photography // Bouquets: Robin Jolin Photography // Cake: We Heart Photography // Centerpiece: Wendy Laurel Photography)

Mint + peach

(Dress: Hunter Ryan Photography // Macarons: Sanshine Photography // Bouquet: Jennifer Ling Photography // Setting: White Spark Photography // Cake: Hudson Nichols Photography)


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April 18, 2018 by Sarah Bowman
Tags: inspo

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