Wedding dress dilemmas: How do I know if my wedding dress is the one?

how will i know my wedding dress is the one

You’ve spent months researching the perfect wedding dress, kept numerous Pinterest boards and tried on more dresses than you can actually remember… And then, you find it. The one. The wedding dress you’ll say I do in. But what if there’s something better out there? Wedding dress wobbles are normal, but how do you know if your wedding dress is the one?

With over 15 years of dressing brides, Sabina knows only too well that deciding on your big day dress is never easy.

“We will never do the big sell at Sabina Motasem, and we always listen to our brides to see if it’s the right dress, however, there are some boxes that need to be ticked to ensure you’re walking away with that dream dress!” she says.

Here’s how to know if your wedding dress is the one….

Travel through time

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a Delorean for a real bit of time travel, but one tip Sabina offers her brides is to fast-forward into the future and look back on the dress.

“Imagine yourself in 10-20 years’ time and try to picture yourself looking through your album and notice how you feel about how you look?” she suggests.

“If you feel happy at what you’re looking at, and your instant feeling is, ‘yes I look great’ – than that is the one!”  

YOU love it

Take other people’s opinion with a pinch of salt! It’s how you feel that is most important. Quite often brides bring lots of guests to appointments, who all have very strong opinions on what ‘they’ think the bride should wear.

“I have seen over the years that brides have felt quite overwhelmed with choosing the right dress,” says Sabina.

She continues: “Think about what YOU want and what feels like the best version of you. I see it so many times, when a bride is so happy, and the mum has said she doesn’t like it and the bride is upset and almost in tears.”

It makes you feel confident

The right dress is one that you feel most confident in.

“I always notice when someone is standing up tall, smiling more, is always a huge sign,” says Sabina.

“I’m always looking to see how happy a bride is in the dress she is wearing. Nothing is worse than wearing a dress that makes you feel so self-conscious, which affects how you stand.”

You’ve tried on plenty of other options

Very few brides find their dream dress at their first appointment, although it does happen. However, it’s always good to try on lots of different styles and brands.

And sometimes, you won’t know the wedding dress is the one until you’ve tried on a few times. Dresses can really grow on you, so if you like it, but don’t love it, the first time you try it on, don’t dismiss it straight away.

Taking photos of yourself in the dresses can also help you decide away from the emotion of the actual trying on session.

You feel comfortable in it

You’re going to be in your wedding dress all day – standing in it, sitting in it, eating in it, dancing in it! Comfort really is key and Sabina knows this form personal experience.

“I got married this July and I had an original idea for my wedding dress,” she says explaining that she made herself a two-piece dress to fit in with her modern take on an Indian wedding.

“However, I realised the very thing that I tell all of my brides, I wasn’t listening to myself,” she says.

“Great dressing is one where you hide the bits you don’t like and enhance the bits that you do like. I felt a bit insecure about my tummy, which wasn’t as flat as I would have liked after a year of working with a personal trainer, so I decided to completely change my dress to one of my favourite dresses in the collection, the Lilian dress.”

Sabina dyed the dress a deep rich navy to match her groom’s navy brocade suit, pulled on the Spanx and was so much happier.

She says: “I am so glad I changed my dress, and switched to something that I felt most comfortable in. I never had any issue on the day and did not once think about my belly!”

Sabina Motasem in her wedding dress, which she designed herself

Trust your gut

Sabina says that over the years, she’s realised that finding that dream wedding dress is not too dissimilar to finding your dream house!

“How many times have you been to see various places to live, and know that it’s home? It’s the right one when you walk in and you just know that you will be happy there — you can feel it in your gut. You can even see yourself reading the Sunday papers or entertaining your guests,” she says.

Finding the dream wedding dress is exactly the same. You’ll know when your wedding dress is the one because it will be popping into your head more than any other that you’ve tried on. You might even be working out how to style it.

“If you’re naturally styling the dress in your mind —like how you might like to have your hair, what colour eyeshadow you’d chose, or what kind of jewellery you’d wear — this is a great sign that this is your dress!”

At Sabina Motasem, it’s so important to us that you find the dress that makes you feel fabulous on your big day. We’re here to hold your hand every step of the way and looking at what some of our real brides have said, we know we can help you discover if your wedding dress is the one!




November 10, 2022 by Jayne Cherrington-Cook

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