Motasem Makes: Create your own fabric flower decorations

how to make a fabric flower decoration

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to make your very own floral decorations out of old scraps of fabric. Sustainable and crafty - what's not to like?

Fancy getting a bit creative? This easy-to-follow tutorial from Sabina will help you make some super stylish flowers, which can either adorn your tree at Christmas or be used as hair decorations. The best thing is, it needs minimal sewing skills and is a great way to use up any remaining fabric you have. Here's how... 

If you'd like to join in one of our Motasem Makes in real life, check at the bottom of the blog for details of our next classes.

1. Cut out your circles

These simple flowers are made using circles of fabric. Using our special template, cut four large circles out of your fabric and four smaller circles. If you can't print out the template, you can also use glasses, mugs or anything else circular you can find! Feel free to experiment with different sized circles.

Tip: Don’t worry if your circles aren’t cut perfectly, the flowers will still look nice if the circles are all a little bit different. No two flowers are ever perfectly symmetrical or identical either in the natural world either. 

2. Pair your circles

Pair two of the four large circles together with their right sides facing one another. You're going to stitch these circles together using an inch long running stitch on the sewing machine.

Mark with a fabric pencil where this line in the middle of the circles appears. Check on the pattern to transfer markings. Then do the same with the other two large circles and then pair up the smaller-sized circles. 

3. Stitch your circles together

When stitching together, remember to reverse on the ends to prevent it from unravelling. Don’t worry if you go over the ends slightly, it won’t change the appearance of the flower. 

how to make fabric flower decorations
Tip: If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can hand stitch with a running stitch instead, it will just take a little longer to do.

4. Fold them over

What you should end up with, is one pair of two large circles stitched together, and one pair of two small circles stitched together.  

how to make fabric flower decorations

Then fold over the edges of the circle over the inch long stitch you’ve just made, to open them out so they start to look like petals. The stitching should be hidden inside the fold like the image and there should be a vertical fold line. You can start to see the flower shape starting to emerge!

5. Lay the circles on top of one another

Now, you're going to lay each of the large circles on top of one another. Make sure you line up the vertical fold line as neatly as possible as in the image below. 

6. Add another stitch

You’re now going to stitch perpendicular across the fold line, from left to right. It will be another inch long running stick like you did before. Remember to reverse the ends, so that it doesn’t unravel, and snip away any loose ends. Do the same with the smaller size circles.

The picture above makes three separate flowers, one large and one small circle to make one finished flower. If you’re doing just one flower, you will just have one large circle and one small circle, each with four circles all stitched together.

7. Fold the petals out

The next thing you are going to do is carefully fold the edges over, to hide the stitching and open up the petals, like you did before. Here’s how to fold them out - lift the upper petals, and fold away to hide the stitches in the middle. Do this to both the larger and smaller circles.

8. Flatten the flowers

Once you've folded the petals out, lay the flowers down flat. Give them a little squish if they need it. Again, do this for both sizes of circles.

Once laid out, you should just see four fold lines. All the stitches are nicely hidden away inside. If you’ve been careful to line up the fold lines as you go, the centre should match up as well, but don’t worry if yours doesn’t, as you can add a button in the centre which should cover any mis-alignments - phew!

9. Lay the smaller circles on top of the larger circles

Once laid on top of one another, you have a flower that looks a little like a carnation.

how to make fabric flower decorations

Tip: You could add a third medium sized circle, which would create a fuller flower with no need to add a button in the middle of it.

10. Sew a button on

To give these flowers a finished look, just sew a button on in the middle. We've used the same colour button as the fabric, but you can mix and match, add a metallic touch or keep it simple like us!

how to make a fabric flower decoration

11. Add a ribbon

You can stitch the flower onto some ribbons so you can either hang it up or wear it on your wrist like a corsage. You can also stitch it onto a hair clip or sew it onto a belt or some wide satin ribbon to wear as a belt.  

how to make fabric flower decorations 

Come and craft with us!

If you enjoyed making these flowers, Sabina hosts her very own craft club once a month at Stone Mini Market in Leytonstone, London. Each workshop will take place on the FIRST Thursday of every month, starting 2 February 2023.

2 February – Make your own bridal head piece for your wedding.

2 March –How to create a garment specification sheet and how to deal with factories.

6 April – Father and kids craft – come and sew and have a pint!

4 May - TBC

8 June – Make a lampshade, with  guest collaborator, Ingrid Wilson.

Spaces will be limited, so booking is essential, and it will cost just £7. All materials and equipment will be provided. There are few spaces each month that will be free for those who'd like to attend, but cannot afford the cost. To book your place please text 07843 872359 or DM @stoneminimarket. There will be drinks and snacks available to purchase too on the night.




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