Top Tips: How to get ethereal glowing skin with ease

by Sofia Latiff Oils


weddingWe all want to look our best on our special day, and achieve an ethereal glow to skin. Most of us will plan the products we will use on the day, but a new skincare routine could help achieve a naturally healthy glow that lasts for longer. How early you start will determine how healthy your skin looks and feels on the big day. Its best to think about skincare as early as when looking for a wedding dress, to allow skin to settle into any new products and regime. It can take 4 – 6 months for a product to really make an impact, after which consistency will keep skin looking and feeling healthy. 

Here are a ways you can easily prepare skin for your big day:

1. Have regular facials

If possible, have these monthly with a facialist who offers lymphatic drainage and face massage as part of her / his facial. Darphin and Guinot are great for these, as they suit even the most sensitive skins, and are gentle in their approach and touch.


2. Go to the Face Gym

This is perfect for helping skin to look and feel great through the power of massage. Credit image to FaceGym.


3. Invest in an at-home facial kit

Give yourself a facial at home using a set such as one from Sofia Latif Oils. Use the face oil at night on cleansed skin to hydrate and moisturise, and massage skin with the rose quartz face roller to boost circulation and ease tension in the face.


4. Ramp up your daily skincare routine

Cleanse and moisturise twice a day, always taking off your makeup, no matter how tired you are. If you can spend a few moments massaging skin, you will boost circulation and bring blood and oxygen to the surface of your skin, which will make it look healthy and smooth.


5. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Boost your hydration levels by drinking lots of water every day to keep skin looking fresh and supple.


6. Get lots of beauty sleep

Make sure you get as much beauty sleep as possible, allowing your skin to rejuvenate itself overnight.


7. Focus on skincare as you soon as you start looking for the dress

It can take a few months to start seeing real results, and helps to avoid any harsh last minute treatments. Keep your skin glowing and looking and feeling healthy by maintaining all of these steps beyond the big day.


It is these small and manageable steps that will help skin to look and feel healthy, glowing, and its best. Whichever option you decide to go for, enjoy caring for your skin and be consistent. You will reap the rewards on your big day and beyond.


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