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Freya rose shoes

Wearing high heels can be daunting for the best of us – that’s on a given night out of maybe 3-4 hours…tops. Try a whole day.

The pinching feeling, the blistered heels, the aching at the balls of your feet. Quite frankly, I can be done with it all. We would say, choose some comfortable heels for your wedding dress but let’s be honest, they don't come by too often.

So, if you’re not feeling wearing flats, chunky heels or if you have your heart set on a snazzy pair of Louboutin's stilettos (fair enough)…then let us share some advice on how to protect your feet from falling off by the end of the night.


First things first: sandpaper the bottom of your shoes. OR if they are red and beautiful….put a few rubber anti-slip bobbles on them. This is to avoid any aisle emergencies....

    Gel Deodrant

    Use clear gel deodorant: rub a thin layer of clear roll-on deodorant on the soles and heels of your feet. Doing so, will avoid friction blisters on the night. It may be for men, but this stuff does the trick. 

      Tape your toes together

        OK, this is a weird one – tape your 3rd and 4th  toes together: trust us on this! Taping these toes together relieves the nerve strain between the toes which is responsible for that dreaded burning balls pain. Ultimately by doing so, you'll reduce the strain on your toes, in turn, relieving what once felt like inevitable ouchness…well not anymore. 

          Wear arch insoles

            Wear arch insoles: your feet need support so don’t neglect them

              And if that doesn’t work...

              ...drink copious amounts of wine. SORTED.

              Our fav pics

              But since we’re on the topic of shoes here’s some of our fav picks from the Freya Rose collection that would go wonderfully with a Sabina Motasem dress:

              Freya rose shoes
              Freya rose shoes
              Freya rose shoes
              Freya rose shoes
              Freya rose shoes
              Freya rose shoes

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