Lisa Eldridge Does Non-Traditional Bridal Make-up

This whole wedding thing is pretty full on and although people do advise you of this when you’re freshly engaged – it doesn’t really settle in until closer to the day. For me, make up is important – an understatement given that I’ve dedicated most of my career to it thus far. Therefore it’s a big thing for me to have my make up just right. However, I doubt I’m alone on that. What makes it harder to hurdle is my skin condition – vitiligo – oh and the fact that I’m having not 1, but 2 darn weddings. 

As much as I know about make up - I need advice. So I sought it straight from the top.

Now it’s not every day you get to meet your idol. Nor is it often that you get to have a quality interaction with said idol rather than a fleeting meeting. When I got to meet Lisa Eldridge and her team, I was pretty chuffed. I’ve been a fan of Lisa Eldridge’s work since I was dinky and it was a pleasure to talk to someone who is a walking encyclopaedia of makeup. I learnt so god damn MUCH! We talked about her very own wedding day look (to which she has a video too) and shared stories about make-up. We discussed how I wasn’t very keen on traditional weddings – a typical non-traditional Sabina Motasem bride. I wanted something a bit different – something that actually looked like me. A bold lip was a given. We discussed my references for both weddings: a romantic gilded face and berry lip for my English wedding and a flirty old Bollywood look for my Bengali wedding. Both looks would work amazingly with a Sabina Motasem dress if I say so myself.

To see the looks we created watch our video with Lisa. Note you future brides…and well anyone else who loves makeup – THIS VIDEO IS FULLLLL OF MAKE UP TIPS – priceless for you DIY brides :)

Would love to gather your thoughts guys!




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June 21, 2017 by Jamila Ali
Tags: Beauty

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