Top tips: Finding the right dress {part 1}

by Lucy Mitchell / Bella Bleu, Cork, Ireland

You've just got engaged, you're on cloud nine and you've started searching for the perfect dress... this can be a little daunting once the initial euphoria has faded. There are lots of things to remember when planing your wedding, here's the first in a series of top tips from bridal experts to help demystify the process. Starting with the dress, here are five helpful top tips from by Lucy Mitchell, the owner of Bella Bleu, Cork, Ireland.

wedding dress

1. It's okay to fall in love with the first dress

We see this all the time, brides falling in love with the first dress they try on, sometimes it really can be that easy. You were drawn to it for a reason.

2. Always wear good nude underwear

There is nothing like a leopard print bra shining through an ivory wedding dress to distract you.

3. No more than three guests

Picking your wedding dress can be such an overwhelming experience, especially when bringing a large entourage, from experience we recommend no more than three guests who know you and your style to bring with you, the most important person to please is yourself as you will be wearing the dress and looking back at the photographs of the day for decades to come.

4. Keep your wedding day venue and season in mind

Keep your wedding day venue and season in mind when saying yes to the dress, if it's abroad in the heat then a long-sleeved ball gown, will one be difficult to travel with as well as uncomfortable to wear. Alternatively an outdoor wedding is probably not an ideal location for a 6 foot train on your wedding dress. 

5. Keep an open mind when you start looking

Often what is chosen for the bride to try by the consultant or her entourage can pleasantly surprise when tried on.

wedding dresswedding dress


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November 14, 2018 by Sabina Ali
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