The Best Beauty Treatments for Brides

Looking your beautiful best for your wedding day requires a bit of thought and planning. We all want to have that beautiful lit within glow. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like an angel on their wedding day?! Having skin like glass is definitely not a sprint - it’s a marathon! Plus it’s a journey of making the right choices for your skin, not just the popular ones.

If you’ve got a bit of time - i.e. 6-8 months to your wedding day, it’s definitely worth getting a series of facials such as the Peel Series from Dermalogica to resurface your skin or Liz Earle’s 6 treatment series to brighten the complexion (also the products smell divine!!!!!).

However, not all of us have the luxury of being that prepared on the best face forward front.

Read assured there are plenty of options for non-invasive treatments that can give you results a week, to even DAYS before your wedding. Here’s our list of tried and tested treatments that really pack a punch in no time!

Face GYM:

Best Bridal Treatments by Sabina Motasem Bridal with Face Gym

Their treatments redesigned to give you immediate effects. From the expert facial exercising and deep lymphatic messaging, our tester’s face was left visibility lifted straight after the appointment. As they don’t do extractions, the treatments are invasive, so you can get away with one of these bad boys just before your big day. The results don’t last that long though unless you invest in a few treatments, preferable one a week, in the lead up to your wedding so as to whip your facial muscles into shape!

Treatments are available in a number of locations in the UK - Book HERE.


QMS Medicosmetics:

Best Bridal Treatments by Sabina Motasem Bridal with QMS Medicosmetics and Liberty London

For a facial that packs a punch, we really suggest having an oxygen treatment. The 80 minute Oxygen facial from QMS Medicomsetics at Liberty London is a great option for a few days before your wedding. Think of it like pouring oxygen into your skin, you leave the treatment feeling like your face has just had a mountain top yoga session on a crisp sunny day ….yeah, it really is that amazing.

QMS Medicosmetics Treatments available in Liberty London - Book HERE.


Skin Laundry:

Best Bridal Treatments by Sabina Motasem Bridal with Skin Laundry and Liberty London

If you’re worried about problem skin that is easily inflamed, you should consider a series of treatments from Skin Laundry. Easily THE most efficient facial on the planet (their standard session is only 15 minutes long) this is a great option for the time-strapped, no fuss bride. Using light technology to penetrate and clear the skin, you leave these sessions with immediate glowy results. To really maximise the results, it’s defiantly worth bundling treatments in the lead up to your big day - over time you’ll find your skin looking healthier so it’s in tip-top shape on the wedding.

Skin Laundry Treatments available in Liberty London - Book HERE.

Eve Lom:

Best Bridal Treatments by Sabina Motasem Bridal with Eve Lom and Sanderson

For those that suffer from dry and lacklustre skin - Eve Lom’s treatments are heaven sent. Think indulgent creams, paraffin wax and calming luscious masks - this is a great option for those that want a glass-like glow, who have inflamed skin, OR just wants to feel fancy!!! A great option for those wanting to plump out fine lines also!


Treatments are available in a number of locations in the UK.

Have any places you recommend? Leave a comment and let us know!


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May 15, 2019 by Jamila Ali
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