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Wedding Chairs- Winter Wedding

What is more magical than a wedding in the wintertime? From enjoying cosy nights by a fire with freshly baked gingerbread cookies, to listening to nostalgic holiday music while snow is falling, the scents and sounds of the winter season are some of the most romantic. 

We've found some of the most enchanting winter wedding ideas that are sure to amaze, no matter what your theme or style is. From rustic to chic, to romantic to modern, all of these inspirations can be incorporated into your style to create your perfect winter wedding. 

Not entirely certain on a winter wedding yet? Just wait and read! We're sure you'll be marking your calendars for one after seeing how stunning they can be.


Cory Ryan Photography- Winter Ski Lodge Wedding

Henry and Mac Photography- Winter Barn WeddingWhen choosing the location for your winter wedding, consider the theme or ambiance you are trying to achieve. A barn venue is perfect for a rustic-chic aesthetic. A ski lodge set in the mountains offers a beautiful backdrop that looks straight out of a romance movie. And if you are wanting a more whimsical space, a botanical garden would be completely enthralling while you and your guests are surrounded by seasonal florals and plants.

Lighting your space

Queenstown Wedding Hire- Winter Estate Wedding

Lucas and Co Photography- Fairy Lights Winter Wedding

We believe little touches go a long way when decorating your venue with lighting. We love the look of adding warmth throughout to make the space feel snug and inviting. Try playing around with lighting by incorporating fairy lights or glass orbs into your décor for a modern and fresh take on ornaments.

And if you've decided to be adventurous and brave the cold by having an outdoor ceremony or reception, don't fear! We found some great ideas that not only will keep your guests warm and cosy but will also add to your winter wedding theme. 

Outdoor fires

Outside Fire Wedding

We love the look of small, wooden fires surrounding the outside of your venue. Put a log into a metal bucket and scatter these around for heat-- or just for the ambiance. (Please make sure you're being safe when using these materials, especially if it is a windy day or there are children present).

Blanket basket

Blankets Wedding

We also love the idea of having blankets around the venue to add to the cosiness and comfort of guests, as even indoor winter weddings can sometimes feel drafty. Place some blankets into a wooden basket and decorate with some florals and a sign- it's that easy!

Embrace the season(al florals)

We love the warm, natural look of woodsy pieces incorporated in a modern, romantic way. Here are some ways to add simple yet meaningful touches of winter to your space.

Twigs and branches

Winter Wedding Woodsy Centerpieces

Twigs can be placed more delicately inside of floral arrangements or even be used as a centrepiece themselves. We love the look of the brown branches up against white florals. My personal favourite wintertime white flower is baby's breath, which adds a ethereal, delicate touch to your displays.


Wedding Chicks- Fresh Pine Wedding Table

Garland looks incredible draped down the walls with lights intertwined or placed on tables with candles intermixed for a cosy and inviting touch. Even add touches of your wedding colour palette with seasonal florals like ranunculus, amarilis, tulips, or chrysanthemum.


Whimsical Wonderland Weddings- Christmas Marquee Wedding

We couldn't write about a winter wedding without adding mistletoe to the list! Add this magical plant to centrepieces or hang bunches around your venue for a romantic and fairytale-like addition to your décor. 

Tis’ the season (to cut the cake)

Whisk and Drizzle- Winter Wedding Cake

Festive flavours

Liv for Cake- Chocolate Gingerbread Cake

We love the excuse to embrace the holidays in any way possible, and what better place to incorporate the flavours of the season than into your cake! We love combinations like chocolate peppermint, chai spice, and even eggnog or gingerbread. I personally love this recipe for homemade chocolate gingerbread cake. Choosing an unique flavour for your cake will make the dessert feel more special, personable, and memorable to your family and friends.

Birch tree cake decorations
Winter Wedding Cake

Now that you've gotten some ideas for the flavours(s) of your cake, let’s move on to the decorations! If you feel there’s a bit too much of a literal Christmas vibe with the traditional red and green colours, try bringing the birch look to your cake! The bark-like frosted cake with woodsy toppers will only add to the whimsy to your wedding.

Cosy and cheerful finishing touches

Food station

S'mores Bar Winter Wedding

Another way to add an unique touch for your winter wedding is by including an outdoor bar/ food area for you and your guests to enjoy. We love stations like these, as it gives time for your guests to interact and join together in the wedding festivities. If you or your partner have a sweet tooth, go for a food display featuring a s'mores bar, mini pies, cookies, or donuts!

Drinks bar
Hot Chocolate Winter Wedding

Thinking more of a drink to take the chill off? Try a hot drinks display featuring hot chocolate, apple cider, mulled wine or even a hot cocktail. Any of these are sure to have you and your guests warmed up in no time!

We hope you've gotten inspired with these winter wedding ideas and hope you'll have a cheery and cosy special day.

Want some dress inspiration for your winter wedding? Check out our collections down below!




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