INSPO: Genevieve Gosselin

Our dresses are inspired by creative women who have changed the world with their artistic talents.

One of our favourite ballerinas, Genevieve Gosselin, is the namesake for our Genevieve dress.

Genevieve was a beautiful French premiere ballerina. She was the epitome of grace and elegance, and the stunning heroine in one of the first romantic ballets, Flore et Zéphire. 

For all of her feminine graces Genevieve was strong and determined, dedicated to the techniques of her art. She had tremendous balance and was the first woman to develop the art of being en pointe – on tiptoe. Her determination to perform what had never been done before paved the way for all future ballerinas.



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May 18, 2019 by Sabina Ali
Tags: inspo

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