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2022 has been so exciting for us at Sabina Motasem! From restarting and completely booking up our bridal pop-ups to releasing new styles and pieces, we've had loads to tell you about and today is no different! We are delighted to announce we can now be found on GREEN UNION, an eco-conscious wedding & lifestyle page, including directories and blogs!

GREEN UNION believes that eco-conscious and ethical weddings should be the norm, not an ‘alternative’- and so do we!

The owner and editor of GREEN UNION, Gwenda, has been in the wedding industry experience for many years now. She is a floral designer and stylist and has worked with over 250 couples since starting in 2012. Gwenda took over GREEN UNION at the end of 2018 as she was looking for a new challenge, but also one which had a positive impact on the environment as well as being in the industry that she has loved for so long.

Gwenda, the Editor of Green Union (and hubby!) captured by Cristina Rossi

Above is Gwenda and her husband Jason on their wedding day in 2018, beautifully photographed by Cristina Rossi

Gwenda's outlook on sustainability and eco-consciousness is beautiful, inclusive, and practical:

"...just as my lifestyle is a personal one, which I have to balance with my conscience and my wallet, so is your wedding day to you! At GREEN UNION, we will never be doctrinaire - weddings are full of compromises and variables that have to be taken into account, and it’s not our job to make the process more difficult. On the contrary, we are a non-preachy, non-judgmental inspirational resource, here to help wherever we can with whatever you need. 

Conscious wedding planning is a balancing act - but remember that even small positive changes will amount to a big difference, and it’s wonderful that you aspire to be a part of that. 

Gwenda x"

From our dresses to wedding planners, to photography to jewellery, to even decor and cake (I could keep going!), there is something for everyone on her all-around amazing directory of eco-friendly, sustainable, and even vegan wedding and lifestyle suppliers!

Here are just a few suppliers found on GREEN UNION's directory...

Jacqueline & Edward, ethical jewellers

Jacqueline & Edward Jewellery Sustainable Ethical Wedding

Jacqueline & Edward is a family business based in Yorkshire whose journey began over 30 years ago when their co-founder Mark ventured into the world of gold panning with his late father, Edward. Now, Mark and his wife Jacqueline work together to create sustainable, eco-friendly rings featuring unique details and designs whilst supporting ethical charities, such as trees for life. Shop for wedding rings, engagement rings, matching sets, and more on their site.

Ellie & Liv, wedding stationery

GREEN UNION Ellie & Liv Stationery

Shop sustainable stationery with companies like Ellie & Liv on GREEN UNION's directory. They make stunning creations out of paper that is derived from raw material wood and is fully recyclable. Contact them for bespoke quotes.

Featherstone's English Flower Company, zero-waste and sustainable florist

GREEN UNION Featherstone's Flowers

Don't forget one of the most prominent elements to a wedding- flowers! For a fully sustainable choice backed by GREEN UNION, go for flowers from Featherstone's English Flower Company, (pictured above), a foam-free, pesticide-free, zero waste florist.

Thank you again, GREEN UNION, for letting us be a part of your GREEN movement in the wedding industry! Don't forget to take a look at GREEN UNION's directories and blogs, we hope you'll be as sustainably inspired as we are!

See you next week,

Emily x 




February 25, 2022 by Emily Rees

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