Five fantastic food trucks to hire for your wedding

Rolling Dough

Trendy, specialised, and just plain cool – food trucks serve as multi-functional talking pieces while providing delicious, homemade street food for you and your guests at your wedding. Whether serving up food for the main event, additional evening food or even cocktails, food trucks are ideal for any wedding, reception or event!

Food trucks are perfect for more relaxed or intimate weddings where you don’t necessarily want the formality of a seated wedding meal. They’re also great to book for the evening of your wedding, providing your guests with a late night “pick-me-up” to keep them going long into the night.

From wood-fired pizzas, to tacos, to vegan burgers and everything in between, food trucks offer you a unique and delicious dining experience for both you and your guests that won't disappoint! 

Keep reading for my top five food trucks to book for your upcoming wedding!

Rolling Dough

Rolling Dough

Rolling Dough started with two friends that grew up together who both worked in hospitality, managed different restaurants and food businesses. With a shared love of pizza, they began hosting pizza parties for friends and realized they could successfully start a food business together! After hundreds of events and years of experience, Rolling Dough has an outstanding-tasting Neapolitan style pizza who claim their dough is unlike any other. 

Rolling Dough

Rolling Dough makes their dough 3 days before each event to properly allow it to prove slowly at a controlled temperature. They then hand stretch it and dress it with the finest Italian ingredients before placing in a scorching 500C wood-fired oven to cook the pizza to perfection in only 90 seconds!

Rolling Dough Pizza

It's the combination of a great dough, harmonious toppings and a searing wood fire that makes their pizza truly irresistible. For unbelievable delicious pizza, a bespoke package that will focus on service and your guest experience, click here to book Rolling Dough.


Gully Food Truck

With clients like Disney, ZSL (Zoo of London), Formula 1, and BBC Radio London, you're sure be in for one of the best meals of your life from Gully!

Gully UK

Gully is all about giving you the ultimate Indian street food experience, letting you customize your food to meet your unique tastes. Start off with a base like a naan wrap, rice box, or salad bowl. Then choose from chicken tikka, lamb keema, paneer tikka (v), and chickpea saag (vg). Top with a sauce like garlic, mango chutney, or even Gully's homemade special chilli sauce! 


Purpose-built for weddings, Gully knows how to make your special day one to remember! Inside the truck, there are large built-in TVs where Gully can display your photos to give it that special touch. Gully's signature menu is also tailored for your special day – even serving their famous Mango Lassi in champagne flutes for your guests to sip!

Note: Minimum Guests to Book: 60+

Reach out now to get Gully booked in for your special day!

Cardona & Son- The BBQ Truck

Cardona & Son BBQ Truck

Andre's father, Luis, was a professional chef for many years in Fitzrovia, London. His wife, Jane, was brought up on her family’s angus cattle ranch in the outback of New South Wales. After a legendary family BBQ in 2009, Cardona & Son was born. 

Cardona & Son BBQ Truck

After a few years of supplying top Hertfordshire pubs and restaurants with their home-reared, delicious, rare-breed pork, they took to the streets! Their custom-built smoker helps create incredible 12-hour-plus low and slow smoked BBQ treats at events around the country, including weddings!

Cardona & Son BBQ Truck

With food like beef brisket, short rib, pulled pork, loaded dogs, and hot wings so good, you'll wish you had a glass of their barbeque sauce on the side!

To book the BBQ Truck, email

The Bournville Waffle Company

The Bournville Waffle Company

Located out of Birmingham, The Bournville Waffle Company was founded by Jenny and Des in 2013. Since then, they have been spotted at many of the UK’s best festivals and events, selling Belgian malted waffles with unusual toppings from their lovingly-restored and converted Mustang caravan (and a gazebo if you've got tons of hungry guests). All of their playful and creative waffles are baked fresh to order, filling the air with an irresistible, sugary smell.

The Bournville Waffle Company

With flavours like Strawberry and Nutella, Honeycomb Banofee, Raspberry Cheesecake, and even vegan options, you'll find some incredible choice to satisfy your sweet tooth!

To hire The Bournville Waffle Company food truck, contact them on their website here.

Rice Guys

Rice Guys

Rice Guys was founded in 2017 when Kea, Vanessa, and Andrew realised that there simply wasn't enough good Chinese food in London's office lunch scene and decided to do something about it!

Rice Guys

While they were pursuing careers in the corporate world, they craved the kind of foods they would cook at home but never seemed to have the time to prepare! The three rebelled against their corporate jobs and mustered the guts to quit their cushy jobs. They created Rice Guys, a brand that crushed all the negative stereotypes of Chinese comfort cuisine, offering amazingly authentic and delicious dishes.

Rice Guys

Rice Guys makes fresh Chinese food from natural ingredients to create that fantastic flavour only found in their own home-kitchen recipes, like smoky barbecue pork, hainanese roast chicken, and funghi mapo tofu.

For more information on Rice Guys, email them at

With all of these delicious choices, how do you pick?! I would love to hear what cuisine you'd choose for your wedding-day food truck! 


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