The Biggest Wedding Cake Trend For 2022 That You Need to Know... #caketopforward

Delaney's Desserts wedding cake

I have never been more shocked and excited by a wedding cake trend! Once I saw this trend I immediately thought, "Why didn't I ever think of doing that?!"

Couples that are planning a more modern wedding this year will fall in love with the newest trend for wedding cakes - 'cake top forward' cakesThis 'cake top forward' technique, coined by Delaney's Desserts in California as #caketopforward, has since taken the Internet by storm.

Now you may be asking, "Emily, what in the world is a cake top forward cake?" Well to put it simply: instead of the cake laying normal, the cake is presented on its side with the top facing forward.

To create this cake, fill and cover the cake in buttercream in exactly as normal. But once the cake is covered, cut a small slice of cake from the bottom to give it something to stand on and turn the cake on its side. So the top now becomes the front of your cake! This creates a different and contemporary moon-like shape that looks absolutely incredible in photos.

If you're looking for a modern and chic cake idea for your wedding, look no further than these cake top forward cakes!

Delaney's Desserts, @delaneysdesserts

Santa Barbara, California

delaney's desserts Instagram caketopforward

Although bakers have been doing this for years, no one really ever put a name or a hashtag to it like Delaney! So, here's the cake that started it all! Ever since this post in 2021, tipping over cakes has become the hottest trend!

Since this post, Delaney's Desserts has pushed the envelope with this trend, adding more color as seen in this 'cake top forward' wedding cake:

Delaney's Desserts caketopforward

Jasmine Nelson, @jazzcakez_

Tasmania, Australia

Jasmine Nelson @jazzcakez_

Jasmine Nelson of @jazzcakez_ elevated this 'cake top forward' trend and added some beautiful, edible flowers from @bloomishco to really add some whimsy!

Cakes by Han, @cakesby_han

Newcastle, Hunter Valley & Coast (Australia)

@cakesby_han Amalfi wedding cake

A bit of a twist on the traditional round cake, @cakesby_han chose a rectangular cake to tip over! Inspired by Amalfi, the cake is decorated with tile-like patterns and lemons to really steal the show!

Julian Angel, @historiasdelciervo

Based in Columbia but holds international workshops

Julian Angel cake

How beautiful is this textured cake by Julián Ángel? The pastel pinks pair perfectly with the pops of gold and purple throughout the floral detailing on this 'cake top forward' cake!

Bonnie Vie Specialty, @bonnieviespecialty

Destin, Florida

Bonnie Vie Specialty Cakes

In 2019, @bonnieviespecialty made this beautiful triangular cake inspired by Pantone's Color of the Year (Living Coral). Even a few years later, I'm still loving this cake! The watercolor-like texture paired with the metallic gold and adorned with flowers is still so elegant!

Valesca Paiva, @vibella_sweets

Sugar Land, Texas
Valesca Paiva, @vibella_sweets

Look how beautiful this 'cake top forward' cake is! Valesca Paiva, homebaker and owner of @vibella_sweets in Texas, creates stunning cakes and this is no exception! The embossed-look of the cake creates such a delicate detailing that is reflected in the roses and dried floral adornments. What an elegant look, perfect for your wedding day!

Shivani's Sweet Shoppe, @shivanisweetshoppe

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Shivani's Sweet Shoppe

This cake by Shivanti's Sweet Shoppe is a work of art! With texture, jewels, metallics and florals, what more could you ask for in a wedding cake? I'm absolutely loving this sage green color as well, perfect for any time of year.


So... what do you think of this trend? Is this something you'd love to have at your wedding or do you prefer the traditional layered-cake look? For me, I think it's super modern and a different way of presenting a wedding cake! Let me know if you give it a try!






April 27, 2022 by Emily Rees
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