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Modern Colourful Wedding

2022 is guaranteed to be a huuuuuuge year for weddings! Cramming three years’ worth of celebrations into one means we are looking at the bridal industry’s busiest and most diverse year we have possibly ever seen!

No matter how unique each wedding is, every single one will have some sort of floral display or aspect incorporated into it! But how will all the craziness of the last few years influence this year’s trends? Keep reading to see our predictions for this year’s must-have florals.


We feel in 2022, the wedding industry will shift towards sustainability, and that will also be reflected in couples’ floral choices. Check out some our our favourite sustainable floral trends and predictions.


Wild Fleurette Frances-mike-relaxed-summer-backyard-wedding

Wild Fleurette Frances-mike-relaxed-summer-backyard-wedding

One of our favourite ways to incorporate sustainability into a wedding is to feature reusable table floral pieces that guests are able to take home after the celebrations. Choose dainty delicate plants like lavender or air-purifying potted plants such as maidenhair ferns, English ivy, peace lilies, orchids and fig trees.

Dried Florals

Cheers Babe Photo

Other great sustainable choices include dried foliage and flowers, such as pampas grasses, bunny tails, and dried ruscus.

Earthy, Natural Florals

Soul Sistas Florals

The sustainability trend of dried florals plays perfectly with our next prediction: earthy, naturals. These honey and golden toned neutral colours are a perfect base for pops of brighter coppers, ambers and corals. 

Another modern take on traditional pastel pinks and whites is a soft nude palette, which include tones like soft pinks, coffees, caramels, and silky rich ivories.

Fabulous Flowers

Lauren E. Bliss Photography

Florals that can be used to create these bouquets include Café au Lait Dahlias, Japanese Wabara Ioli Roses, Majolica Spray Roses, Caffe Latte Roses (as pictured above), Golden Mustard Roses, and more.

Tida Svy

Pssst! We believe the most popular, natural colour of 2022 will be rust!


Green Wedding Shoes- Bridgerton Inspired Shoot

Green Wedding Shoes Bridgerton Inspired Shoot

Yes, it’s 2022, but the entire world is still swooning over Bridgerton. From the beauty of the era to the fabulous inspirations from set and costume designs, there are countless reason why every bride would love to have their special day be plucked from the Regency era. As for florals? Go with over-the-top lush pieces including tons of vines, greenery and pastel-colored florals.

Bright, Bold Splashes

Colourful wedding florals

We have seen couples gravitating towards more unique and individualized colour schemes that make their weddings more reflective of them, rather than the more traditional palettes of the past. With so much of the wedding industry changed by the pandemic over the last two years, many couples have realised that their relationship is what's important and they want to turn more focus on making their day more personalised.

Neon Wedding Florals

Colourful wedding florals

Well, what do we think those colours will be? Trend forecasters WGSN and Coloro predict the top five colours for spring and summer 2022 will be: vibrant pink-purple Orchid Flower, earthy green Olive Oil, creamy yellow Butter, tropical Mango Sorbet and ocean-like Atlantic Blue. We think that the most-loved colours will be neons! 


Tropical Wedding Bouquet

We believe that orchids, colourful anthuriums and bird of paradise will be wildly popular this year, alongside palms. Other tropical beauties we predict will be popular include coloured pampas grass and gypsophila flower clouds in jewel colours.

Modern all-white, monochromatic flowers

All white wedding florals

We know that white can seem boring and traditional and 'blah' going into 2022- especially after seeing all that colourful inspo! But we are obsessed with all-white florals for architectural spaces. Still nsure? Try modernising the monochromatic white look with futuristic floral varieties. Silver lunaria and scabiosa are great options for these bouquets. You could also play around with different metallics and textures to really make the details pop!

Rooftop white wedding


Vertical floral arrangement

Vertical wedding florals

We believe the ‘it’ arrangement for florals this year will be vertical installations! Think gravity-defying florals and greenery that can be placed on the floor, altar and/ or on tables. The larger and taller will be all the more enviable and coveted in 2022!

Well, what do you think? Have we predicted some of your favourite inspirations and trends for this year? Let us know!




January 15, 2022 by Emily Rees
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